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  1. Trent Richardson is a first ballot Hall of Famer in the AAF.
  2. Seeing all of the doubters is really taking me from half, to FULL CHUBB. After week 8, I'm thinking a realistic split is 80/20 Chubb/Hunt, which really doesn't diminish Chubb's value. I heard from Matthew Berry that they are bringing Kareem Hunt along so he can be there emergency kicker.
  3. 1. The GIants will continue their MEGA (Make Eli Great Again) movement but somehow make the playoffs. 2. Evan Engram #1 Tight End. 3. Jets win the division and have a top 3 offense. 4. Kyler Murray decides to play baseball. .....Looking back on what I just wrote, #1 might be a little too bold.