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  1. Hmm interesting , second time this season durant plays 5 games in one week. To me that’s an indictor he’s out the door this summer
  2. If kd doesn’t rest today I’d assume golden state believes kds gone this summer
  3. Majority of fantasy players are like this. You try to tell them a player is going to slow down and that his ros outlook is not that ideal, they just pull out the past 30 days stats lmao. Trust your gut and always sell high. Remember this important rule , next time your in that situation ask yourself if you had to draft today would u take Mitchell or jrich. I’m sure u would of said Mitchell
  4. I’m dropping Brunson for Wright’s back to back, so I would do it. Conley is resting and I don’t believe there’s any other teams with a back to back for fri/sat looks like a good use for 1 add
  5. This guy has been eating my free throw for awhile now
  6. I feel like more owners need to just vent here instead of doing so on player forums
  7. Remember everyone, if he’s on your wire pick him up for Monday and Tuesday next week assuming you’re crushing your match up atm, I’m already focused on finals thanks to being up 9-0 right now lol
  8. Shieett he did go off tonight 😬 I’m still content with dropping him plenty of streaming options for me. hes still on my wire regardless. it seems he’s definitely still rosterable though, wouldn’t bank on top 50 outlook 🤷🏾‍♂️
  9. Yeah I totally understand his fantasy floor is concerning but when u consider the upside and his position eligibility after pick 100 , it seems like great value and a good gamble to me. If he falls past 120 he’s a must draft
  10. Wow so much hate on this thread for dee. He already stole one base to start the season , seems like I’m one of the few on here who thinks he’s set for 40 stolen bases this year I personally love dee this year , and so do my league mates apparently. traded away my dee Gordon and ender for Lorenzo Cain , I couldn’t refuse that lol.
  11. I’m honestly not , if u take away his name , he wouldn’t be drafted
  12. Regardless he’s outside the top 150 as far as iknow , like I said you could of picked up a top 75 player through out the year yet u hold onto wiggins which is a noob move. Last year wiggins was on almost no championship teams according to my research ... there’s a reason for that