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  1. No butler, jones, Schroeder etc. cant remember a team that Teague has been on with the lack of guard depth that the twolves have this season top 60 bounce back in my books 15/7/3. 1.5 stls 44/82%
  2. Probably 9-13 the real question is do we take PG or kawhi first. i wonder what the over/under for games played will be for kawhi and george
  3. Oh mondesi I missed u and your steals
  4. You’re forgetting about Myers Leonard , bam is not getting 28+mins under spo with the current roster , that’s a fact
  5. This case shows how unpredictable baseball fantasy is
  6. Lol Ben Simmons top 20, Barton and gharris will bounce back. Gharris should have an amazing year but ur definitely stretching on Barton. overall those are not bold picks, that Ben Simmons pick is terrible though, even if he fixed his FT % the lack of 3s and turnovers will still keep him around 4rd round value
  7. Jokic is probably my 6-7 pick along with Paul george i personally don’t know who else to take, I’m not taking embiid, not taking kawhi just to be safe , rather not take Damian 6th. There really isn’t much other options
  8. Something tells me Spoelstra will limit Bam Bams minutes this season. Heat have Meyers Leonard and Kelly Olynyk on their roster. Spoelstra likes to have a stretch 5 and also likes to switch up the lineups due to matchups, I don’t think bam bam will exceed 27mpg. Love the kid , but he’s on my don’t draft list due to Spo