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  1. Drop Bazemore for LeVert? WHIR

    I like levert better but I think bazemore gets back sooner than levert does. Plus bazemore brings the stocks
  2. Ayton & Russell for Klay?

    As a happy Klay owner, I would accept a trade for Ayton in a heartbeat
  3. Who wins? Whir

    Warren and D White forsure
  4. Fournier vs D.White ROS ?

    White 100%
  5. I have Slow Mo on my roster, but would rather have Nance if I had the choice
  6. Should I trade Love? WHIR

    Agree, I don't see any owner trading Turner for Love right now. Maybe you can get someone like Jarrett Allen instead?
  7. I say wait to see how Saric does today with new coach. If he plays well/enough minutes, I'd think about picking him up for Bjelica since Bagley's back
  8. Send Kevin Love for Brogdon? WHIR

    I have a similar Punt Assists team as yours and just got offered Brogdon for Barton. I would do the trade since we still don't have a firm timetable on Love.