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  1. Duly noted and was wondering about that! It’s a tough call for sure. Thx!
  2. Yeah you are right; it comes down to personal preference. I know the offer is already “overwhelming” and I know he will not make it better, so will have to go for the less preferred. Thx!
  3. I wasn’t planning to trade any until this offer presented itself. I agree that a regression on Folty is likely.
  4. Why Thor? Because of his past year’s injury concern? I think Thor is an ace but Folty is more #2 type.
  5. What about in leagues that values OBP and SB equally?
  6. In a keeper league, A.Rizzo + David Dahl + first round prospect pick for either one of these pitchers, leaning towards trading Folty. Thought?
  7. Stanton was in a new league and nonetheless in NYC and ‘18 was the year he tried to “fit in”. I think he will take off again in ‘19.
  8. Is Story’s SB increase legit? If is, then personally I’d rank him higher than Soto, a power / speed combo SS is much more valuable than a power OF.
  9. I agree and I think his ADP is rising as we speak.
  10. People devalue him is great for mine diggers. I think ‘19 will be the year that CC breaks out.
  11. Grandal will benefit from that ballpark and lineup for sure. I think the HR total will be up.
  12. WHS needs to hire a great base running coach, I don’t see it from the list of coach on their official website. I think a great coach can teach Moncada how to become a great base stealer.
  13. McMahon shouldn’t be much of a concern since he has not shown much when given the chance, Hampson on the other hand did showed up better. So Hampson should have the first crack.
  14. What would you do in dynasty or keeper league? If he has become an elite first half pitcher but above average with injury concern in second half, would you still trade him?