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  1. tony, i hear and appreciate all that you said. I just don't think Machado worth all the hulabaloo - Most Def better and worth 20% or more than Santana (or the like), but he is not a generational talent IMO.
  2. I do not understand why any team would give Manny $175 million. He doesn't seem super marketable, and did not flash under the lights of primetime baseball. Also, we are talking about a player who on the road (away from a hitters paradise), over the course of 470 games and 1,937 AB's, has slashed .271/.319/.442
  3. Hi all, after over a decade of sitting on the sidelines of this forum I will attempt to be an active participant in this community. I am thankful for the discussions and banter that have helped me and kept me entertained over the years. With that said, when I think of "sleepers", I think of players that might breakout this year and players that may have fallen out of our graces that may come back to life. I am not including any prospects. breakouts: Musgrove - high floor, low ceiling Urias (pitcher) - High Ceiling, High risk - I'd lean towards more Blake Snell eventually than Matt Moore Margot - Exciting and toolsy on a young, trending offense - strikes out too much and maybe a litter undersized... Weaver - Still see a potential SP2 here O'Hearn - 30 hr, 80 rbi, 60BB Astudillo - I know he's talked about a lot here - I like him to breakout if given the opportunity to play. Meadows - Benentendi light Reynaldo Lopez - SP2 Kingery - See Margot bounce backs: Zunino - Gut feeling that the rays coaching staff can help get his BA back up towards .250 Schoop - Feels like a good fit in Minn...270/26/75 Nelson - Thought he was going to make it back last year - SP2 this year JBJ - .250 with 18 homeruns and 15 sb Bradley Zimmer - maybe doesnt bounce all the way back this year, but I believe in this kid