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  1. Porcello is absolute trash. He's wrecked my excited to the season twice now already this season. Man, I knew better than to draft this tool. I loathe the Red Sox as it is, but to even draft one of their players, what a tool I am for drafting from a team I loathe...I gotta own my stupidity.
  2. Why do I own Red Sox pitchers, why why? Ugh
  3. Trevor Williams, let's get after it
  4. Padres are 2-0 Padres are 2-0 Padres are 2-0!!
  5. Say what? eeek, I assume sarcasm...
  6. I check on Det / Tor game and see Boyd K's everyone through 3 IP, Step away for dinner, come back, 4-0 Toronto. Thank you Matt Boyd. I knew better...I knew better than to spot start you against a weak Jays offense.
  7. Ok so this irritates me. This blurb is from rotoworld, at the very end it says " but the Red Sox may consider pushing him back a day after Thursday’s debacle." Where does this info come from? Who indicated he's potentially being pushed back? Has this been determined, or mentioned anywhere among the Red Sox brass? Chris Sale fared disastrously in his season debut, yielding six hits and seven runs over three miserable innings as the Red Sox fell to Seattle. He struck out four, walked two and also hit a batter over 76 pitches. Appearing for the first time since signing a five-year, $145 million extension, the Mariners ate Sale alive, capitalizing on the left-hander’s complete lack of command. Sale didn’t show much confidence in his heater, which topped out at a pedestrian (at least relative to his usual standards) 94 mph. The seven-time All-Star struck out the side in the first but quickly unraveled after that, serving up three homers including two to Tim Beckham, who has never been touted for his power. Sale is tentatively lined up to face Oakland on Tuesday but the Red Sox may consider pushing him back a day after Thursday’s debacle. Mar 28, 2019, 11:09 PM
  8. Never overreact. Give it a little time. No idea what your team is, but trust me, one day does not make a season. Breathe get some good sleep and let your team come together
  9. ok so after being offline all day enjoying baseball, I come on and read this game day thead, such joy lol after ONE game of baseball.... Here is the quick cliff notes recap... Luke Voit is really GOD in disguise. Bird is legit horrible. End. OF. Day 1.
  10. Gutsy and I dig it! Let the kid loose.
  11. He's made the opening day roster!! Dennis Lin‏Verified account @dennistlin 51s51 seconds ago Source: Fernando Tatis Jr. will be on the Padres’ Opening Day roster. If any GM was going to do something like this, A.J. Preller seemed like the one.
  12. Yeah, sucks for this guy. Always, always injured past few years. Good stick to own, but just ...can....not....stay....healthy.
  13. X-rays negative, but the MRI...gotta watch out for the MRI...
  14. Can you take two? Grab Kershaw and put him in DL - then with the open spot grab Price?