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  1. Starting a last minute Roto League: What: $25 Roto League (Money held on Yahoo!) When: Snake Draft 3pm (3/28) settings: invite:
  2. What: $25 Roto League (Money held on yahoo!) When: Snake Draft 3pm (3/28)
  3. Draft happening tonight for sure? I’d join and pay right now if it is.
  4. Join
  5. GAME RULES This is a Tourney Takeover game. Each of the 64 NCAA Men's Basketball tournament teams will be assigned randomly to each pool entry (player). Starting with the round of 64 (Round 1) the player whose team covers the point spread will advance to the next round. If that player's team wins the game the player will keep their team for the next round. If the player's team loses the game and covers the spread, then that player will 'take over' the winning team for the next round. For example, say John has Cal and Roger has UCLA and UCLA is favored by 7.5 points in round 1. Say UCLA wins by 2. Since Cal covered the spread, Roger would be out and John would advance to Round 2 with UCLA. The winner of the game is whoever 'owns' the team that covers the spread in the championship game. For example, say John has Florida and Joe has Kentucky in the final. Say Florida wins but Kentucky covers. Joe would win the pool. POINT SPREADS The scoring for this game is 'Against the Spread'. Your team has to cover the spread for you to advance. In the event of a point spread tie, the person with the winning team advances. The point spread used for scoring is the closing line as determined by the website. ENTERING PICKS The teams are assigned randomly by the website. Each player will receive one team from each region. 2 entry max. WINNING The winner of this game is the person whose team covers the spread in the national championship game. The Runner up is the person whose team loses the national championship team. Entry: $12 per entry 1st:$120 2nd:$40 Site fee $32 16x12=$192 120+40+32=$192
  6. Is correct? I tried emailing but it says email is invalid.
  7. I am running a March Madness Square Pool for $20 and ran entirely online. Money will be held on Square Pool is just like Super Bowl squares, but ALL 63 games in the NCAA Tournament is paid out(excluding play in games, 63 games total). You will use the last number for the winning team and last number of the losing team which will give you the winning square. You can buy multiple squares, I just have to update your league dues. Payouts will be completed day after tournament is finished. Pick Square: Pay: $20x100=$2,000 Payout Structure: RD 1: 32x$10=$320 RD 2: 16x$20=$320 Sweet 16: 8x$40=$320 Elite 8: 4x$80=$320 Final Four: 2x$150=$300 Championship Half: 1x$100=$100 Championship: 1x$300=$300 Pool Fee:$20
  8. Starting a New $100 12-team H2H Points Doubleheader Fantrax, need 6. Money will be held on Fantrax treasurer. Online Draft will be held Thursday, March 21 @7pmCT. League Overview: Play Doubleheader matchups each week Max 7 pitching starts a week 5 Add/Drop per Scoring period Top 6 teams advance to playoffs Championship Round last two periods League Summary: Payouts: 1st:$400 2nd:$200 3rd:$100 Seaon Points Champion:$100 Starting May 6 thru September 1 weekly high score:$25 (16weeks x $25=$400)