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  1. Won the only league that I play... our 27 year old, 12 team 6x6 auction roto keeper league with lifelong friends in the Cleveland area. My fourth title (1998, 2007, 2017, 2019). Really tough league to win as all of the owners are very knowledgable and competitive. The thing is, I absolutely dominated it this year. The previous largest margin of victory in the history of the league was 11 points. I won by 25!
  2. I set up a contingency rule in our league years ago that any trade can be rescinded by either owner between when the trade announced on our site, until the start of the next scoring period, IF there is a reported injury to any of the players involved (player goes on the IL... or in this case, a tragic death). This rule has eliminated all disputes, vetoes and "hard feelings" in our league.
  3. Thank you. I wish I had seen your response before I made the trade. lol. I've been regretting it. Probably a dumb move on my part.
  4. Thanks for help with mine... I would try to trade first... if no takers, pick up Cron for sure. I like Eflin, Stripling, Gibson over Luchessi in that order.
  5. Thank you for the response. Our keeper salaries are complicated. But basically, in Vlad's case his salary escalates per year $10, $20, $40, $80 etc. So, assuming he turns into a stud, his contract will be viable for two, possibly three more years. Brantley and Dahl have the same contract setup. Next three years: Ozuna $20, $40, $80 Verlander $38, $38, $38 Chapman $17, $34, FA But I'm not overly worried about keepers as I want to win this year.
  6. 12 team 6x6 roto (obp and ip added) - $260 keeper league (keep 6) - 2C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 5OF, 5SP, 4RP I have a comfortable lead at this point in the season. However my SP is shaky (even though I have the second most points in pitching). I'm dominating 5 of the 6 hitting categories (mid pack in SB). 25+ year old league that is difficult to win. Want to go for it this year. I've been offered his Verlander $38, Chapman $17 and Ozuna $20 for my Brantley $10, Dahl $10 and Vlad Jr $10. Would you take the deal or hold steady? My Roster: ($ = what players can be kept for next year.) My roster: C - Posey $5 C - Lucroy $12 1B - Bell $16 2B - Moncada $12 SS - Andrus $5 3B - Rendon $33 MI - Moustakas $16 CI - Vlad Jr. $10 OF - Yelich $28 OF - Hoskins $20 OF - Dahl $10 OF - Brantley $10 OF - Soler $5 DH - Cron $5 Bench bats: Correa (SS- IL) $28, Chavis (2B, 3B, 1B) $5, McMahon (1B, 2B), Bryan Reynolds (OF) $5 SP - Bauer $40 SP - Strasburg $21 SP - Soroka $5 SP - Richards $5 SP - Musgrove $5 (Bench SP that I stream: Duffy $5, Darvish $5, ERod $13, Kikuchi $5, Wood-IL $5, Urias $5) RP - Smith $12 RP - Kennedy $5 RP - Doolittle $12 RP - Giles $5
  7. Thanks for help on mine... I agree with those voting for Whit.
  8. Thank you! I doubt he'd throw another player in. I could try to get a farm draft pick from him (we draft our bench after the auction, which actually can get some valuable players)
  9. Thank you for replying to mine. I don't play H2H so Im not as well versed in the strategies. But, I Would drop Strahm for Calhoun. Strahm has struggled a lot recently, and if you say there are plenty of SP on wire I would go that route. I would take the chance on Calhoun being special.
  10. 12 team - roto 6x6 (IP and OBP added cats) - keeper league (keep 6) - $260 auction league - 2C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 5 OF, DH, 5SP, 4RP. I'm in first place... by a ton right now. Winning 5 of the 6 offensive categories... and have the most total points in pitching as well. The next best team is 23 points behind me in the overall standings. My pitching is weaker than my hitting. I've been offered his Gerrit Cole for my Soroka and Moncada. Soroka would be $5 to keep next year. Moncada would be $12. Cole has to be put back in the draft. But I'm going for it THIS year... and have plenty of keepers left on my roster. This is my 25 year old league and its tough to win. Would you make this trade, or hold steady? My roster: C - Posey C - Lucroy 1B - Bell 2B - Moncada SS - Andrus 3B - Rendon MI - Moustakas CI - Vlad Jr. OF - Yelich OF - Hoskins OF - Dahl OF - Brantley OF - Soler DH - Cron Bench bats: Correa (SS- IL), Chavis (2B, 3B, 1B), McMahon (1B, 2B), Bryan Reynolds (OF) SP - Bauer SP - Strasburg SP - Soroka SP - Richards SP - Musgrove (Bench SP that I stream: Duffy, Darvish, ERod, Kikuchi, Wacha, Wood-IL) Out league setup is unique. We draft large rosters and only allow 10 Free agent pickups during the year.
  11. Reverse Cool Story Bro... In my main league - with all my buddies from high school - 26 years and still going strong. Its a live auction and I've somehow saved $6 for my last roster spot (before the reserve snake draft). I've been waiting on this moment for 5 hours at this point, and most of the teams are done. My target was Chris Paddack. Had him penciled in all night. It was just a matter of leaving myself enough $ to get him. Thought I was sitting pretty with $6. So, I throw him out for $1. This guy in my league starts bidding me up! He goes to $6. I'm busted. Can't bid anymore and I lose him. After the draft the owner comes up to me, laughs and says, "I thought we were bidding on Brad Peacock. Never heard of Paddack." You have got to be kidding me! I'm still burning about it a week later. Especially since Peacock had already been drafted earlier that night. Hopefully Kikuchi is something this year as I had to settle on him for $1.
  12. Completed auction yesterday in my 26 year old money league. Really, my only league I typically play. league is full of serious/knowledgable owners. How’d I do? 12 team 6x6 roto (ip and obp added. saves + Holds instead of Saves). 6 keepers. $260 budget. Standard roto lineups. 10 player reserve draft after the auction. C Posey $12 C Lucroy $1 1B Bell $8 2B Moncada $6 SS Correa $28 3B Rendon $33 CI Vlad Jr $5 (keeper) MI Andrus $4 OF Yelich $28 (keeper) OF Hoskins $10 (keeper) OF Brantley $5 (keeper) OF Dahl $5 (keeper) OF McCutcheon $20 DH Moustakas $8 SP Bauer $20 (keeper) SP Strasburg $21 SP E. Rodriguez $13 SP Darvish $5 SP Kikuchi $1 RP W. Smith $6 RP C. Green $7 RP Doolittle $6 RP Giles $3 Bench (each player auto given $5 contracts for next year if kept - doesnt count against salary cap this year) SP A. Wood SP T. Richards SP K. Gibson SP M. Wacha SP J. Musgrove SP J Urias OF C Gonzalez OF Soler 2B R. McMahon 1B Cron our league allows ONLY ten FA pick ups during the entire season. Hence most teams take a lot of SP in the reserve draft in order to stream. Unlimited DL moves/spots however.
  13. True. I don't disagree... You have to know the tendencies of the other owners in your league.
  14. I agree with this. My strategy with keepers in auction leagues is to not just keep the best players but to keep the best values. Keep high value players and overpay for stars in the auction. I will use the keeper savings to overpay for a couple guys I really want during the auction... which you will inevitably have to do in most leagues... and then go back to looking for values the rest of the auction. I look at projected $ values and I estimate what players will go for in my particular league. For example, Bauer is valued around $20-$22 in auction projections. In our league, he'd go for probably $25 (we're all Tribe fans). So, if I had him like you do for $7, thats a $18 savings. Machado at $44 is an overpay for a keeper IMO. If I really wanted him, I would still drop him and overpay for him in the auction. (or use that $44 differently). The caveat is that there have to be enough "stars" going back in the auction. So I go through every team and gauge who I think will be kept. From there I determine if I can really afford to throw an overpriced star back.