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  1. H2H cats? or Points if points I'm down
  2. how many teams? what are the league rules? scoring? Russ thanks
  3. I am interested send me an invite for team koterba Russ
  4. I am interested I have been playing espn h2h for 5yrs thanks Russ
  5. team 4 marine6870 batter strikeouts -1? saves? walks? blown saves?
  6. is the league full? I haven't seen any email yet thanks
  7. I am interested would you send a link? for scoring etc thanks Russ
  8. "THE SHOW" free ESPN 10 team h2h points league here is the scoring link and the link if you are interested in joining I am tired of playing in the ESPN public leagues after the season starts there are only 4-6 players that play all year I am open to suggestions also Thanks
  9. H2H points? if so I am interested