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  1. Some ppl mature at an older age 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. I’ve had Kupp the last few years and you’re right, they def use him deep as well
  3. Not really. Rosen likes to throw deep passes that’s why he was picked off so much last year. Preston Williams is the guy to own in this terrible offense. He will get a lot of the garbage points
  4. He outsnapped keesean 56-19 last game. He clearly has him beat as the Wr3 for the cards. I think he has more value than just being desperate especially with the amount of passes this offense is throwing but we will see by this week
  5. I’m surprised no one has started a thread for this guy yet. Kyle Murray and the cardinals have already thrown 99x the last two weeks and you can only target Fitz and Kirk so much. Lots of potential in PPR leagues
  6. That’s a great trade for him. Michel is gonna keep getting the carries as long as he stays healthy. Mostert is in a committee and you never Know what you’re gonna get from him on a weekly basis
  7. Rodgers and the pack scored 21 in the first half against the Viking D last game. Only reason they didn’t score in the second half is bc Rodgers hurt his elbow a little bit but he should be good now. I’m not worried about Adams at all
  8. Pats fan here. They have too much RB depth for him to get playing time. Michel is tough that’s why he is the main ball carrier. Burkhead creates matchup issues for the defenses bc he can either run the ball or catch the ball off the backfield. And we all know how much Brady/ Bill love White, no explanation needed there. And bolden has been with the team for a a few years, he’s great special team player
  9. Not to mention Andy’s system and defenses not able to load the box cause they’re scared of Mahomes
  10. He was used more of a pass blocker last year and was not a factor in the passing game so why does it matter if he comes back? Pats are hurting on O line bc of injuries
  11. Sell high in thisguy. It’s just not sustainable
  12. Did y’all even watch the game? Minshew looked for Dede a lot. He’s finally targeting the slot which he hasn’t done the last couple weeks. If it was t for that drop at the end zone we’d be having a different conversation. Yall need to chill lol
  13. You would think this guy was on roids with traps like that bruhh
  14. He’ll be fine. Just traded Carson for him that’s how confident I am in this guy. Offense will be better with Rudolph bc he isn’t afraid to sling downfield which will open up the run game