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  1. missed out on a 3 touchdown night. Misses by Perriman and Evans, but it is a move in the right direction. Giants with 10 days to prep then onto the rams saints and panthers again. Could be a decent stretch for some shootouts.
  2. Howard's last shot is going to come week 3 against a porous defense in the Giants. The Cowboy's tight ends did pretty well, so Arians could attack that with 10 days of preparation. I wouldn't ride Howard off, but if he is in the dog house it is defiantly from the fumble in week 1.
  3. I would just stream someone. Eifert is a nice stash and the Bengals play the Steelers, so I expect them to trail early.
  4. It is a short week and the Bucs, were able to do walk throughs only, but at least it is somewhat a short travel from Tampa to Charlotte. Panthers always seem to falter on short weeks. I wouldn't be shocked to see Winston bounce back with a 18 point game.
  5. Seems like the perfect time for Bill to roll out with Rex and Damien, after seeing Sony get 15 touches for film.
  6. He played 48 out of 69 snaps. Roughly70%, so im not buying that he won't play many snaps. Gore probably is the starter and will get the 1st carry, but I foresee the bills attacking the Giants weak passing game, so Singletary has a high chance to see many targets. I am starting him with confidence this week.
  7. Don't forget Gronk had 10Tds his rookie year and shocked had over 175 points in PPR.
  8. I would roll with Winston. He had 2 touchdown passes negated. That is a 10 point plus swing with the yardage that was involved. Panthers and the Giants next, so he should have a shot at some top 5 point games. It was a hot game and it showed. Was 93 degrees plus humidity and the heat index.
  9. He is my number 1 waiver for this week. They're going to pass and having McLaurin as my 5th wr never hurt anyone.
  10. Im starting Monty. Going to ride him until I can't no more!!! Best thing Nagy could do is make David inactive. The offense moved with fluidity. Im also, hoping that Mitch could learn from his mistakes and hit Monty on those routes, because monty could've had some huge plays.
  11. Although, I feel it was a good sign to get Waller involved; the Broncos can't cover tight ends. 8 targets also had me excited.I do expect a high volume game from Waller against the Chiefs. I can't wait to roll him out next week.
  12. Glad I was able to get 26 points from a man that no one believed in and wrote off. The Mack Attack is back and we can play Return of the Mack. He is going to feast this week as well.
  13. Williams is a lot closer to 15 then he is to 30. He put up 18.5 agains the Jags and now has a soft game against Oakland. Williams is going to finish a top 15 Rb even in this committe. Shady is there to help this man not touch the ball 300 times.
  14. He was the best looking of the 3 backs. If he could've been in the hurry up, it would've solidified him. Take those 7 points and add them to jones and you have a 17 point game from someone who was drafted in the 10th plus. Hoping Thursday, they give him a legit chance against the Panthers.