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  1. Kerryon Johnson 2019 Outlook

    Odds are he will miss games.
  2. Stefon Diggs 2019 Outlook

    Diggs had a great year. The o-line is atrocious. Cousins was pressured on over 250 drop backs. For the line cousins had I even thought he held up decently. Vikings need to hopefully move up to get Taylor, Little or hope Risner falls. Diggs is still going to be drafted in the top 30, but I do see the offense going with a heavier run approach this year.
  3. Dynasty - Buy Low on Chubb?

    Im still holding Chubb. Dorsey loves to trade, but also, lets see how many games Hunt gets as well.
  4. Todd Gurley 2019 Outlook

    Could've been that the defenses keyed on Gurley and took away the play action game that Goff strives under. Gurley will be fine come this offseason and next season. The offense could take a hit if they can't replace Whitworth, but not enough to move Gurley out of a top 4 pick in fantasy. The tempo could've caught up with them as well at the end of the year and they were just gassed. If thats the case maybe keep CJA around to take away some touches from Gurley.
  5. Nick Chubb 2019 Outlook

    Well lets not forget those games against the ravens, texans and panthers. Had what 110 yards rushing combined, but the 2 tds did salvage those weeks luckily.
  6. Kareem Hunt 2019 Outlook

    I think we need to see if he gets time served or if he is going to get 6 to 10 games. I think Chubbs adp is going to fall slightly on a 10 game, but on a 6 game it might fall even more. Hunt with a 6 game or time served could even be some serious trade bait for the browns to move up in the draft.2, 4, 5, 9, 12 could all use Kareems talents. Why not attach Kareem and 17 to move up in the draft. The Browns took the blunt of the hit signing him now anyways.
  7. 2019 Draft

    The Vikings will waste this pack on a corner back or linebacker. Sadly, Im aware they won't address the biggest need. They pay Kirk Cousins 84 millions to allow him to be rushed on over 250 drop backs.
  8. 2019 Draft

    Jacobs is a top 10 talent. Where will he get picked. Hoping Bucs or somewhere that can use those talents. As a viking fan, I would accept him at 18.
  9. Help me pick my last keeper

    Hunter Henry. Hes about to pull all the defenses pants down and run it.
  10. (Way Too) Early RB Rankings 2019

    Joe Mixon top Rb next year.
  11. WR value (WHIR)

    OBJ has missed 16 games in 2 years. I would try to see if he takes a 4th. If not then I would sit. Green is a great talent, but how is the new offense going to be.
  12. Tom Brady 2019 Outlook

    Humphries is someone I've told everyone the pats will sign. Great short and medium route guy. If Gronk does leave I wouldn't be shocked if the Patriots targeted Hockenson. Another mismatch type tight end. I believe Brady won't have some crazy stat year, but Sony is going to get rode like Lamar Odom at the bunny ranch.
  13. Jimmy Garoppolo 2019 Outlook

    Dak. 19 tds and 4 turnovers from the titans game on. Hate the cowboys, but since Amari trade. Schedule as of now is extremely pass friendly next year. They do have 1 tough road game, being Chicago.
  14. Josh Gordon 2019 Outlook

    His disease can be my round 14 + gamble.
  15. Julian Edelman 2019 Outlook

    Since 2013 here are his catch totals. The question will remain will he play in 16 games? He has only done that 3 times in his career. Never has eclipsed over 7 Td's. He would be a solid flex play. I think the patriots are going to ride Sony hard next year though. 105 92 61 98 DNP 74