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  1. 20 touches by halftime. wouldn't be shocked to see a chiefs styled game.
  2. If he can practice next week, it should give him 3 weeks of practice and to get healthy, so hopefully he comes back and they run this man down.
  3. I usually target greg the leg, tucker, butker or lutz. Find a kicker that scores or has a high chance or scoring and forget it.
  4. IMO they're going to give Henderson the shot and chance. He finally will play with the 1st team offense, so his murky pre season stats, could change. He plays faster in game speed, as opposed to his 4.49 combine 40. Henderson being compared to Kamra is ridiculous though. I am starting Hendo this week, because sometimes you just have to wheelbarrow my balls through the front door and take risks.
  5. He is getting roughly 28% target share. Eventually the points we've waited for will come.
  6. Brady should've had 3 rushing tds. If it works, then it works. Now teams are going to focus on the middle and next week it will be a toss play to Sony.
  7. I figured around week 10, is when the Henderson mobile would be firing up, but it could be sooner rather than later.
  8. Tremadol shot can allow something like that for back pain. Heard he carried the casket though and shedded some tears that may of cured his problems going forward. Even saw him do communion.
  9. honestly was there a better option than AB. I would let AB and Tyreek, chill with my wife.
  10. Think we need to consider that turf toe is serious, but at the same time it was considered minor on the level 1-3 scale. He isn't in a boot and is walking. If he had a boot or surgery then I would consider that catastrophic. Question for me is when he does play, does it affect his mental aspect.
  11. 2 things that I currently hate: 1. Josh Gordon and his 1.7 2. Fullers success.
  12. "lets not start sucking each others dicks quite yet" The Wolf
  13. two things I am looking forward to tonight 1. Green Bean Casserole "grandmas recipe" 2. Josh Gordon at home on Thursday night, with no bulkhead and doresett
  14. Tate isn t that good, but he is getting volume. Ravens if they had a linebacker who was 6'4 he probably could cover him with Tates fantastic speed.
  15. If he starts then his line should be solid 12-75-1 5-35 Could potentially have a 20 point game easily just off PPR.
  16. As an owner of Adams, I wouldn't mind him sitting this week. Slay could be a tough match up as is. He has some nice games coming up and it will be over 3 weeks of rest. Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers could be great match ups.
  17. If you're in a keeper league or dynasty league, then odds are he is on a roster, but what is the worst if you roster him? Takes a spot at the bottom of your roster or potentially during playoffs, you have a gem.
  18. Julio is going to have 5 huge games and it will allow him to remain top 5, come next year in the rankings. Until the run game is established, they will struggle. Also, with the team finding some spark in Ridley and hooper, those targets are going to diminish.
  19. Odell is going to be fine. If I remember Odell had 2 drops and a 3rd long gain he almost made a great catch. Baker needs to stop being scared to throw it into coverage with Odell.
  20. I would sell this man if I could get any form of value.
  21. Coleman might as well hold a sign outside of Biscuitsville, asking for a job to run, because there is no way he should get touches, with the fluidity of the offense currently.
  22. I thought Thielen falling to 36 at the time was a god send, but im starting to realize, it isn't cousins, him, diggs, but it is Zimmer. They need to find balance, because once they're down, they're not going to crawl and fight back, when teams can tee off on cousins.