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  1. BA has Jazz with 50 Hit, 60 Power, 55 Speed, 55 Defense, 55 Arm. KL had him as a 25 homer 25 steal guy with a high avg and meh OBP.
  2. That was what I was talking about. Keibert has the makings of a great offensive catcher who will play because of his D. Even if you think Keller never develops a good change there is no way that he isn't a better risk than guys ranked way ahead of him. Green may throw a straight fastball but it is 105. Both those guys have #1 ceilings there is no way they aren't more valuable than some pie in the sky 18 year old who hasn't seen a decent curveball yet. I get looking for breakouts but not at the expense of legit high end prospects. Make the list longer or have a breakout category.
  3. Having a hard time with Mitch Keller at 99 no Keibert Ruiz or Hunter Greene.
  4. BP does something like that with their dynasty list.
  5. I rather see people go out on a limb and highlight the next fast riser than wait till consensus builds. BP was all over Soto while KL was completely downplaying him. Everyone knows who the top 5 guys are right now. Tell me who has the tools to be the next top 5 guy.
  6. I think their site is much more focused on fantasy/dynasty leagues than sites like BA and ESPN. They have stated that they weigh upside more which makes sense for fantasy. In my minor leaguers I'm not looking for replacement level I can easily get that in my auction. I'm looking for potential stars that I can hold onto. Adell and Matias are good examples of that. Right now Matias has a ton of swing and miss but if he can cut down his strikeout rate he has the potential to be an absolute monster. As far as May I've seen him high on a couple of lists now so I don't think this is much of an outlier. I really like their dynasty 101 list with the potential earnings of each player. I also like the way they do the positional rankings with separate lists for tiers, 3 year and dynasty rankings. They also have the adjuster articles that take into account OBP for leagues that use it. The player forecast manager is great too as it allows you to get dollar values customized for your league. All in all I have found their content to be worth it.