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  1. invite sent wakejells. Draft will be when league fills. roto league most likely 5x5. Would love to turn it into a keeper league and pay league if interest is there. Could even do pay league this year if interest exists.
  2. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league?leagueId=88595089 mthurlow1982@yahoo.com if you want to reach me directly.
  3. New ESPN league forming now. only utility positions on offense, so you can draft and have anyone you want! Pitching spots are just "P" same thing put who you want there. Would like to make is a keeper pay league but for now just seeing if anyone wants to join.
  4. hey am i in this league? I'm in a few of yours already... sign me up if not mthurlow1982@yahoo
  5. will you send me the settings mthurlow1982@yahoo