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  1. He probably could have played but the Lakers never threatened in the 4th.
  2. Wow that sucks. I have those same 3 players but playoffs start on the 18th for me (with the 1st round bye).
  3. Great game from Kawhi and we got crickets here 😂
  4. Almost feel like this commercial is made specifically for the hot takes here lol
  5. Well if you are worth as much as Leonard is to the Raptors ... then I'm sure your boss would be ok with it. ✔@alexfan590 Masai on Kawhi's 'load management': We're just executing the plan, along with Alex McKechnie. We have to take precautions to help him recover. The goal is the playoffs, the goal is how do we compete at the end
  6. Anyone know how serious his right ankle sprain is?
  7. Anyone heard anything about his Monday game? Is anyone still holding?
  8. Yes but it would be great if we can put him in that IL spot.
  9. Kanter not being eligible for the IL spot sucks. Help vote? https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/36797407-either-add-an-na-roster-spot-or-players-with-na-ca
  10. Zubac. Kanter doesn't really get any blocks...
  11. ^ Fake Woj Bomb. Missing the blue checkmark ...
  12. Help vote for the IL spot? https://yahoo.uservoice.com/forums/206157-fantasy-basketball/suggestions/36791923-kanter-needs-to-be-eligible-for-the-il-spot
  13. You might want to consider holding till March 1st if a trade doesn't happen. He could be a buyout candidate and that is the date for the playoff eligibility waiver deadline.