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  1. Team no name is filled and we don't have current openings but can let you know if anything opens. Thanks for your interest guys.
  2. That email isnt working for me. I have another inactive team available if you're interested. Let me know http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=61101511&teamId=9
  3. Need an active replacement mgr for 1st yr free espn 12 team h2h pts dynasty league. Roster looks good, just needs attention. Beside league settings there's a 12 pitching start max per matchup. Large rosters, IL, and keepers. Post email if interested in invite. Team roster: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=61101511&seasonId=2019&teamId=2 League settings: http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=61101511
  4. I'm having trouble getting into the site at the moment. I'll get you invites sent asap. Jeremy
  5. Some of the teams were auto drafted and are good looking teams. Just need attention from active mgrs. Overall good bunch of mgrs otherwise
  6. Got a really good team open in a 1st yr h2h pts keeper that needs an owner. Roster http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=61101511&seasonId=2019&teamId=5 League http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=61101511