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  1. Lindor is my 4th keeper. I'm already keeping Bregman and don't want to go in with two injury risk keepers, so I'm trying to flip one. Pretty sure I can flip Lindor for one of these two guys, just looking for opinions on which would be best, but I was leaning Betts as well.
  2. Close one. Darvish might just be done, he looked terrible last year. I'd keep Berrios due to the young age probably.
  3. Nice offer but looking at your team I'd stay pat as well. If you were rebuilding it would be a different story.
  4. I think you're selling way too low on Archer. Matz might be good one day but can he stay on the field? Too many injuries for my liking, especially compared to a guy like Archer who for all of his flaws can throw a ton of innings. I like Polanco a ton, but Andrus is still useful too. The other four seem a little like filler and aren't worth giving up Archer.
  5. 12 team 5x5 Standard Roto, 4 keepers w/ inflation, $260 budget Would you rather have: Lindor at $22 this year only? Betts at $33 this year only? Turner at $28 this year and next?
  6. Kluber and definitely Baez. Round 9 is too good to pass up.
  7. Pham for the SB and Gennett because a 21st rounder is basically free.
  8. Kershaw went for $46 last year, Scherzer the next highest at $42. Sale was kept for $35, Kluber kept for $24. The next highest bought was Nola at $27, then Carrasco for $26. Our keeper formula is: (Cost from previous year + what they earned) / 2. I bought Corbin at $1, he earned $25 so I can keep him at $13. Inflation due to cheap keepers pushes prices higher obviously. Trout will not be kept but the next most valuable player available to buy outside of Scherzer is going to be Jose Altuve, so I think some team with lots of money to spend may go after Scherzer. I would prefer to bid on Scherzer over Corbin because I think that the difference between the top aces and the next tier is a very large gap. If I didn't have him as a keeper I wouldn't bid on Corbin because I think the chance for regression is there, but $13 is a good value.
  9. Folty here as well. Greinke is 35 and his fastball is dying. Maybe he can stay in it a few years but he's got to fall off sometime soon.
  10. I'd go option 4. You have to get Martinez in this deal, he's the best player by far of those listed, so 1 and 3 are out. The other three are kind of a toss up for me. Do you want to give up the outfielder with upside, the SP or the RP? If it were me I guess I'd give up Mikolas because you've got a good start on SP already. Gotta love Dahl's upside at Coors and LeClerc will help your team more than a SP will.
  11. The rest of my team is pretty bad Rush, Scherzer and Corbin are my two best options. The top players go for quite a bit which is why I'm considering Scherzer; Trout was $55 last year. Inflation factors in to our keepers and kills some player values. The best remaining options are below, the rest I have are even worse.. Bumgarner 18 Eduardo Escobar 10 Ender Inciarte 16 Jose Martinez 11 Charlie Morton 11 Justin Turner 10 Jonathan Villar 15
  12. I'd go Bryant as well. It looks like a good trade but we're talking about a former MVP on a good offensive team who's had one bad year.
  13. In a forever league I'd keep Severino. Blackmon's the centerpiece of the offer and 33 year old hitters can fall off quickly. His speed is almost certain to continue to fall off.