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  1. i would get dragic.. kanter will be lucky to get 12 points and 5 boards in 15 minutes
  2. stick with will
  3. i think u know ur answer .. AD too big a risk
  4. i was trying to trade westbrook too, but something tells me he’s going to revert to his old self post asb all deals are decent but i would stand pat if i were u
  5. i’d go with THJ, i think dallas will integrate him more in the offense post ASB .. they need his scoring
  6. jabari is higher risk, higher reward .. id roll the dice on him
  7. dunn but dragic is right there
  8. i would go dragic since miami trades tyler johnson higher risk, higher reward
  9. yup, you undersold booker and coulda had more .... that said, hield is no slouch either
  10. this trade is being reviewed in my league.. this same dude was complaining when a far more even trade went through and then pulls off the gank move of the century rankings in our league: jokic 7th overall dangelo 44th overall randle 37th overall vs. doncic 48th overall tatum 61st overall cousins 70th overall rose 100th overall keep in mind it’s a shallow 10 team league .. on the wire, you can find players like rubio, teague, valancunis, nance, barnes, oubre, portis etc.
  11. godamnit i dropped him for mcgee yesterday i want to pick him back up but my only drop is cedi osman
  12. lmao i dropped portis and he looked like a stud in washington today fml