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  1. When are they going to give him IR eligiblity? Wtf its going to be 3 games and hes out 24 hours ahead of time. Edit. Two games after tomorrow but I feel with 24 hours ahead of time out, he will be gone for 3 games = IR eligiblity earlier? I dont want to drop if I can move him to IR today but if not, I may need to. Id be definitely screwed after this week even if I make it past this round
  2. Even if I wanted to drop Giannis (of course not), I am unable to per league settings. However, Miami is in playoff contention and I think Giannis sitting out 2 games is enough - he should be playing almost 90% sure. For the bucks, they might be looking at playing it safe for playoffs but if I was them, that #1 seed is really important for their playoff run. They are down Brogdon, Mirotic, and some other bench players so at this point, Giannis should be playing every game except back to back's and assuming he doesnt get dinged up like that ankle one a few games back - he should be in for tomorrow. I would of rested Giannis against the Lakers and Cavs as well haha.
  3. picked him up - lets go pat. please get 3+ steals every game, a few assists, dont turnover the ball and dont shoot below 40% and we are gravy, lets go!!
  4. dropped and picked up Bam this morning so meh - Bam has more minutes so is safer but all the best to those holding Whiteside. His blocks potential alone is very valuable.
  5. i am so mad I want to drop him but already had to drop whiteside and k love - just please play the friday and sunday.
  6. yes rubio, please just dont shoot - keep playing like this, its perfect.
  7. i am desperate so i dropped him, i feel like he might miss another game this week.
  8. Dropping him now, he will probably be out rest of week with concussion symptoms. Edit - He is back in...worried he might be concussed next game? Thoughts?
  9. Our structure is winner of regular season (top seed) and winner of playoffs wins. If I give up Lowry now - even if I make it to the next round, I am pretty much going to lose and whoever picks him up, benefits heavily off him. I also lost Love and Giannis a game each and had to drop Whiteside after his atrocious 5 minute game. I went from being confident against my matchup to conceding defeat if Giannis/Lowry/Love miss anymore games starting with tonight's game.
  10. come on k love fcking lace up and lets go man - you said you wouldnt rest!
  11. I probably wouldnt as I would be giving whoever picks him off waivers a leg up - hes been a top 33 ranked player all season...I will just take the L.
  12. My playoffs just started and Lowry gets injured yesterday and Giannis/Love have yet to play. In addition, Whiteside gets 5 minutes and Rondo now has 7 turnovers....jeez, I probably will lose first round and be eliminated by 6th seed (I am 3rd seed).