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  1. Hey there I'm interested how many teams do you have so far and how do you pay never did a money league on espn.. Joe.. email is
  2. I'm interested in joining, but I think you should make it 10 or 12 teams. Joe
  3. Hey there I'm interested email is joe
  4. I never got it can you send it again.
  5. In interested I'll tahe Minnesota if still available. Joe
  6. Hi there I'm interested in both if still available.. Joe.
  7. I'm interested in available 3 if still available.. Joe
  8. I'm interested. I will take team 3 if still available if not team 2 then 1 then 4. Joe....
  9. Hi there I'm interested. Where is the leauge is it yahoo espn etc.. Joe.
  10. I'm interested.. My email is