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  1. I think especially right now you have so many either bad teams or teams with a Rookie QB where you can stream perfectly. Dolphins, Jets, Giants etc seem all good options to pick up the D who plays against them
  2. Sticking with him, he has an awesome schedule and experience. This offense will become better and better as the season continues and he should get plenty of opportunities in domes.
  3. It’s obviously bs that QBs have their best year in their first year. The only offensive position where this might be true is RB. But QBs develop into their position more and more as the experience grows. No recent fantasy relevant QB has their best year in year 1 as wideopen21 already said
  4. I also put in a waiver for the Chargers D for Week 4. Week 5 against the Broncos should also be a good Matchup, as well as Week 6 vs Steelers
  5. I was on the hype train before the season started and don’t want to be disappointed again... but this guy is really tempting
  6. Dallas DEF should be a top pickup if they are not taken already. They play the Dolphins
  7. I need 15 more points and have Chubb and Baker. Come ooooooonn
  8. I wanted to drop the Cowboys for the Titans until I saw they’ll play the Dolphins next week, lol
  9. I’m down by 27 and have Chubb and Mayfield. You think I still have a shot? Browns should be running a LOT this game now
  10. Would you do it? I have the number one waiver pick.
  11. Hey i got offered Breida or James White for my JJ. I think especially with the Coleman injury breida is very tempting, White with the AB Pickup not as much but also an upgrade. 0.5 ppr what would you do? I think he does it because he also has Ekeler and Gordon and just wants the whole Chargers backfield ...