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  1. I chose Los Angeles and have the Rams. 0.5 PPR, 12 team league, individual defensive players Looking for some draft advice. I am drafting 10th, snaking for the first draft. My team so far is Gurley, Goff, Woods, Kupp, Cooks, and on D I have Cory Littleton So my main question is this, do I maybe target Darius Leonard for the 1st pick? Expected to have over 205 points on his own this season. Then go for an offensive player a few picks later? The next best projected defensive player is Keuchly projected at 170 points. Top 15 offensive guys available are Mahomes, Barkley, McCaffrey, Luck, Watson, Kamara, Hill, Hopkins, AB, Rodgers, Elliot, Brees,Michael Thomas, Rivers and cousins... Obviously the first 6 or 7 of those will be taken for sure before I get my fist pick. Thanks for any help, I will do the best I can to help in return, although my advice may not be great haha
  2. Instead of Faedo, Roederer or Naylor, I told him DJ Peters... I think I may take it. Have 25 minutes to the deadline
  3. I would give up Corey Seager and George Springer and get Nolan Gorman, Gavin Lux, nick Madrigal, Scott Kingery AND one of the following Alex Faedo, Cole Roederer OF Cubs, or Bo Naylor THis is a 14 team, 30 player dynasty. IF I was to make the trade, I am leaning towards Faedo of the 3 adds. I have Joey bart on my minor league roster already. IS this enough? Currently I am in 11th place of 14, so setup to get a decent pick next season as well....
  4. Does Goldy return to form. I'm in a four sport dynasty and got offered Goldie in a football trade. Do I go for him and put bellenger into right field or should I go after Bryant
  5. Dynasty h2h Here's my team 4 sport dynasty league, trades allowed between sports. I'm the LA FRANCHISE, kings, Dodgers, Lakers and chargers Realmuto, bellinger, McNeil, mondesi, Dietrich, Senzel, JD Martinez, verdugo, hiura, kiké Hernandez, eugenio Suarez, scooter gennett Berrios, Kershaw, Merrill Kelly, Jansen, Hendriks, Edwin Diaz, stammen, Paxton, Scherzer, buehler, cease, clevinger, Morton, Corbin DL: Brendan Rodgers, mitch haniger, Michael kopech NA: gavin lux, Austin hays, keibert Ruiz, luzardo and Dustin may I've been attempting to get yellich, Blackmon, Seager or a few other power pieces. For some reason this team struggles in the offensive cats... I've offered up some football players as well, but what're your thoughts. I'm currently in 3rd, 15 games behind
  6. Dynasty, standard 7x7 I've got gennett kike adalberto mondesi and curtis Taylor for my 2b/ss guys. Thoughts? My pitching staff is Hill, berrios, Paxton, Morton, buehler, Kershaw clevinger and Corbin for my starters. Currently in 3rd place, this trade would be happening with the 1st place team, but I desperately need hitting
  7. Dynasty league, 12 teams standard 7x7 scoring I like the trade, does verdugo get time after Pollack comes back? Does kopech go back to normal after tj? Obviously those questions are speculative but any thoughts or advice are helpful
  8. It's one of those situations that you take a big hit in the OF but gain a HUGE amount in the Pitching... I think I would go for it, you may not get Bryant like numbers from the WW, but someone will come along who kills it
  9. Does the league know that you are shopping JD? Perhaps you make it known, and I bet a better offer comes through... Just a thought
  10. I'm so bummed about him and that, but I was thinking I'd just drop him to get Mcneil into the lineup. Anything that you see that should be done with this team? (other than him)
  11. JD is worth more than Stras and a guy who may implode at any second... I stuck with Lynn for years and he always ruined me...
  12. 12 t h2h dynasty with 5 NA spots. I've got a pretty loaded team and have held onto Aguilar through this slump/ lack of playing time. I'm in need of dropping at least 1 or 2 players to clear my DL spots specifically Jeff McNeil now and clevinger later Here's my team Realmuto Bellinger Adalberto mondesi Justin Turner Senzel Dietrich Haniger Avisail Garcia JD Martinez Eugenio Suarez Brendan Rodgers(not getting much playing time) Keston hiura (not currently in a NA spot, but is NA) Kiké Hernandez Gavin lux (not currently in a NA spot) Pitching Hill Buehler Morton Treinen Jansen E. Diaz Kershaw Stammen Flaherty Paxton Scherzer Berrios Corbin DL SPOTS Jeff McNeil Scooter Bennett Mike clevinger NA SPOTS Keibert Ruiz Austin hayes Dylan cease Jesus luzardo Dustin may I'm also open to making trades, I'd like to try to move 2 guys to get 1 so I can clear some roster space, but am open to any thoughts/ suggestions