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  1. One guy owns both Correa and Lindor, another owns Baez and Altuve. The guy with Correa and Lindor wants my hockey 1st, franchise player, plus#37 in hockey and nick Senzel, just for Correa... no way I'm doing that. I don't like to deal with him because of the insane over value he puts on his guys The guy with Baez and Altuve is a little skittish with deals and will tentatively agree to something, then back out... drives me crazy The one who owns Seager is deep at ss, with trea Turner, Seager Machado and story, but he seems reluctant to move anyone also
  2. I kinda feel you on the over rated part. Here's my main thing, is he an upgrade over what I've got, and currently, the answer is yes. I'm looking to win this year, I've got a good grasp on prospects for the future so I could move 2 young players, and a pick that won't really help me for a few years rp improve now... But on the other hand i feel i could target a higher level ss or 2b than xb... I've inquired about Altuve, Baez, merrifield, Lindor, Correa, Seager, Machado... most are either not really willing to move them, or are asking wayyyyyyyy too much
  3. This league is decently deep, and our draft generally runs from prospects who are drafted in June. The 1st round pick will likely be bottom 3. I'm looking to try and get ahead early until gennett comes back, but having bogaerts could be a big boost early on, plus he's definitely a keeper. Also in this league we have the ability to franchise a prospect from our respected city, mine is Los Angeles
  4. I think I'd rather have berrios. Morton's age worries me a bit, and he is in a decently tough division as you stated. Is this a keeper league or redraft? Also can you take a look at my post?
  5. Out of them, I'd drop strop... he'll likely lose his job when morrow comes back Help me out please
  6. I'd say go for it. If anything you may be overpaying a bit, but berrios would be a nice addition
  7. Is this trade worth it... I'd trade Brendan Rodgers, keston hiura and my 1st round pick next year (dynasty league, but the pick will be low in the round) and get bogaerts in return. I've got mondesi at ss right now, he'd move to 2nd, and bogaerts would be my ss 4 sport dynasty league, h2h 7x7 categories, standard My offense is Realmuto Jesus Aguilar Jeff McNeil (likely a drop candidate when gennett comes back) Eugenio Suarez Adalberto mondesi Jd Martinez Bellinger Chris Taylor Justin Turner Brandon nimmo Haniger Kiké Hernandez prospects Austin hays Senzel Hiura Rodgers Keibert Ruiz DL gennett
  8. Have quintana in one of my keeper leagues, (4 keepers) but Wacha is available. Do I drop Quintana for him? other pitchers I have are Castillo Kikuchi Heaney Keuchel and Cease Those are really the only ones that I may drop but Cease and Keuchel are really not very likely... Thanks
  9. The max aquisition you can bid is apparenty $1000... You can bid 0 if you feel like no one will be bidding on a player you want. In my leagues the budget is $100, but the max that I have ever bid on a player was $18 and I lost out to him for $21 or $22 (which was the highest I've seen bid for a player). I generally keep my budget for players that I really want and that the league will want as well. The matchup acquisition is the number of acquisitions you can make during a 7 day period. I personally hate that there is no season or matchup limit in there. Guys will non stop stream pitchers to gain K's and wins...
  10. I would go Belli over Story, you'll get a little more advantage in some categories because of belli's speed, plus he will give you OF and 1B eligibility, plus you've got Turner in short already...
  11. Thor or Clevinger if that's your target audience, Then probably realmuto (thin catching, he will do well in Philly) springer and Belli. Belli will give you multiple position elgibility
  12. Not sure I would go too much beyond 3 rounds without another pitcher. Flaherty would be a good target in about the 4th or 5th I believe. Is this a standard format draft or snaking?