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  1. 2 homers since joining Cleveland lol
  2. Haha, no. Not close for me. Especially when his glorious all important career obp dips with his decline.
  3. Last night, with a runner on third and no outs, this clown stared at two strikes and then went down swinging wildly on a changeup in the dirt. He is a disgrace to the game of baseball.
  4. I would unironically rather own Chris Davis than this clown.
  5. I'm sure that will be a real consolation to Cincy when they're paying him $25M a year for the next 4 to be a .700 OPS bat who can't run or field.
  6. I'll be back when he hits .150 with 0 xbh 1 rbi and 5 walks this week.
  7. He is an absolute washed up joke. He sucks. Retire bum.
  8. Legitimately one of the worst hitters in the game right now.
  9. You just look at the guy and he looks done. He looks like he just isn't interested anymore. Droppable.
  10. Guess who is leading the senior circuit in FIP....
  11. Which side of this deal would you take in a vacuum? League is 5x5 Roto Dynasty, 12 team Side A: Christian Yelich, Marwin Gonzalez, Aaron Sanchez Side B: Francisco Lindor, Kris Bryant, Joey Votto WHIR.
  12. Now he's "hurt." This guy is a joke.
  13. awwwww jowy got a wibbie and a double BUM. JOKE. DROP.
  14. Machado seems very much like the type of player to dog it after signing a LTC. Pass on taking him over Altuve or Trea, you will not regret it.
  15. Correct. I only have one minor leaguer of note (Robles.) Thanks! I would like some additional rotation depth (love my first 3 guys, but I think my 4-5-6 could use work) and one more stud closer. I've been debating whether to try to turn Hill or Quintana + Robles into a more reliable SP3/4 type plus an elite RP. What do you think about that?
  16. He was elite in 2017 and decent last year. Con: He's good for 150 IP at the very most. Con: He's moving from pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium to GABP, Con: Velo/K-rate declined last year. Pro: Cincy lineup is stacked, Wins shouldn't be a problem if he pitches well. Pro: He'll be working with the best pitching coach in the game- Derek Johnson. Pro: He's a ground ball machine, and is very stingy at giving up the longball, so GABP might not be a huge detriment. Pro: He's being taken as around the 60th pitcher off the board right now, despite posting SP1 numbers just a year ago. What do we think about this guy?
  17. Gray's problems with YS are psychological. He's never had a problem pitching in small parks. Some guys just can't make it in New York.
  18. Gray is somebody that I'm buying in all leagues at his current price. Huge BABIP last year, Moving to the NL, Great numbers outside of Yankee Stadium (psychological issue), and he's now working with the best pitching coach in the game who also happens to be his old college coach. He'll be an SP2-3, going at an SP6+ price.
  19. Why in God's name would you want Hoskins or Abreu over Votto
  20. Yeah I mean he's not going to be your SP1, but he's going well after significantly worse pitchers.