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  1. He's a guy I've been targeting. I'm hoping that these ST struggles and the fact that the Yankees and Red Sox are in the same division will depress his value and I can grab him on the cheap towards the end of my auction. I think it's worth mentioning he also plays in the same division as the jays and o's who are not projected to be very good.
  2. IMO the time to be concerned would be when they are actively trying to ramp it up and it's not there. Context of the velocity change. No such concerns with Sale at this point in ST.
  3. They talked about him on MLB Network radio and with him a few times. Apparently he revamped his swing and he now "incorporates his lower half" which he suggests is something that was not the case previously. He then went down to the Dominican winter league to give his new swing a trial run. Winter league is not something you would expect from a player of Pence's Stature. Not sure how did he but those leagues tend to be pretty competitive according to MLB Network radio. He's motivated with a revamped swing so maybe keep an eye on him and take a flyer if he's free and you need a stop gap
  4. Some interpret velocity as an indicator of future success. Eno Sarris had an article about it in the athletic. Still it's just spring training so always keep that in mind.
  5. I was thinking the same thing for my league but only if I can get him cheap.. Could be a decent source of QS but as he's not really a K/9 guy his era is more related to team than a pitcher with a higher K/9 so there is risk beyond just missing ST.
  6. Jim Bowden reported a few weeks ago I believe that he was willing to sit out. That was quickly refuted by another Twitter Blue check (can't remember who) but him sitting out is possible.
  7. Yea not really sure what to make of him going into this year. So much upside but not without his warts. If he could be had for $17 on draft day ($260 budget) would you take him?
  8. He's dealing with a knee thing and the mets typically don't handle injuries well. Also older player switching leagues so no dh to get ab's on rest days and no familiarity with the pitchers. Ballparks are probably even AL West vs NL East. 2B & 3B eligible in yahoo league which is a plus but he's not someone I was targeting.