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  1. I feel like there's no reason to get attached anymore.. Just dreadful.
  2. Disgusted with Hock after the past 2 games, which of these 3 should I go after in my 10T Standard redraft?
  3. Saquon in crutches and a boot.
  4. Oof, a high ankle sprain is 4-6 weeks if I recall correctly?
  5. I'd do Moore and Montgomery here. It's only a matter of time until Montgomery finds his rhythm.
  6. Sorry guys I should have made it more clear, I can't stream both, only one position. Gotta take the lesser evil, stream QB or DEF?
  7. 10T non PPR redraft QB Baker Mayfield WR DeAndre Hopkins, T.Y. Hilton, D.J. Moore, Marvin Jones Jr. RB Joe Mixon, Aaron Jones, Derrick Henry, Phillip Lindsay, Carlos Hyde, Frank Gore TE TJ Hockenson K Jake Elliott DEF Baltimore I got Baker and Baltimore D as my main concerns for the week. I can open up one streaming spot and it would mean dropping Jones Jr. FA QBs: Rivers vs HOU, Allen vs CIN, Garoppolo vs PIT, Winston vs NYG FA DEF: Philly vs DET, Seattle vs NO, TB vs NYG, Carolina @ ARZ Should I stream QB or DEF for this week?
  8. Torn on this one. One side of me wants to say keep Sony and stream TE but maybe in the long term it would be easier to find a replacement flex than a solid TE. I think I'm going to suggest pulling the trigger on this deal but it's very close.
  9. I would not trade Mack, even for Chubb. I see Chubb as someone with an expiry date and will lose a lot of touches when Hunt comes back. I'm very high on Mack this year.
  10. 10T Standard Non PPR Lindsay @GB Moore @ ARZ Hyde @LAC Jones Jr @PHI Gore vs CIN Who's the best play? I think Lindsay and Gore would be the top choices. And should I start Baker or drop Jones Jr. to stream Allen, Rivers, or Garoppolo?
  11. Is Fairbairn considered to be in the upper echelon of fantasy kickers?
  12. I'm being pushed to the edge as well, but I think this is a situation that calls for patience. Might drop someone to stream a QB for his next couple starts though.