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  1. Drop Prince for Osman? WHIR

    I would hold Prince just in case he gets into a groove post ASB, upside much higher than Cedi. Cedi is just a points and 3 guy to me that's more like a poor man's Evan Fournier. And that's bad. That's just my take though.
  2. I think Kawhi side has much more upside, but the right side trumps in terms of usage due to Kawhi's rests and Tobias as a 3rd option. I think if you're comfortable in the standings you should stay put, but if you need to make a push go for it.
  3. ROS Moves? Too many FA! WHIR

    You have a pretty solid roster and I personally wouldn't drop any of the players you already have. Out of that list I think the one with most potential is Kenrich and Zubac, but don't bother honestly. Picking up Parker was a good move and you should stay put for now.
  4. So last night I offered a manager 2 trades, Ayton/Millsap or Ayton/Sabonis for his Vucevic. He has rejected the Sabonis one but the Millsap trade is still unanswered which is kinda telling me he's at least thinking about it. Main reason I'm seeking a trade is because I have Millsap on the IR and I have no droppable players IMO, so I'd hate to give someone a free rosterable player. I'm going to wait until tomorrow but in the case he still doesn't reply or declines, I'm thinking of spicing it up a bit and adding Harris on my end and Markkanen from his. I'm valuing Markkanen based on his performance in the past month which I do believe he can maintain. I'm aware of his weak FG% but he produces the same stats as Tobias and I believe he'll produce more points and boards from this point on. All players involved have the same playoff schedule aside from Millsap, but I'm in 8th place and more focused on making the playoffs first. Would you guys recommend me sending out the new offer?
  5. IT is back

    Kleb for me. Not much substance there.
  6. Trade grade? WHIR

    As the other guys have mentioned, you could've got more for Booker. I try not to think of shut down risk as a factor in trades unless its an aging player. You still have a solid team and it shouldn't affect you much, and you got that juicy playoff schedule.
  7. Who to drop? Millsap or Sabonis or...

    Huh? Who would you target in a 2-1?
  8. Levert & Gay for Draymond & Beverly?

    Hellllllll naw they're trying to fleece you.
  9. I'm in 8th place and its super tight from 5-10. I have Millsap and TT on my IR, the former has been pretty good these last couple of games and I would really hate to let him go, but on this Wednesday I'm pretty pleased with everyone on my team and I really have no idea who to drop. I would say probably a toss up between Millsap, Sabonis, or Parker? I'm looking for 2-1s that would work out and get an upgrade somewhere to make it easier but I do not want to overpay (someone like a Derozan or maybe Vucevic), so I think I might just have to cut someone loose. I would hold until after ASB to see how guys perform but someone just dropped Sato and I want to grab him, so I have to cut someone soon before his waiver clears on Friday night. Looking for opinions on who to drop, and what possible upgrades you think I should pursue in a 2-1? I'm in win now mode and I really need to have a strong push to the end of the season. I just ran into this forum and am really digging it. Looking forward to contributing! PS. Sorry for this n00b question but what does WHIR stand for?
  10. I would take Slomo because of the usage and stocks.
  11. Middleton/Levert for Beal

    I think I would do that deal. Middleton has been regressing and I think you can offset the difference by finding decent enough talent working the waiver wire.
  12. Kanter or Mitch Robinson ROS?

    Robinson for sure, he's like a Kanter but with defense.
  13. Jabari or Saric ROS?? WHIR

    I like Jabari to be honest. Never liked Saric as he's too inconsistent even when given minutes. Parker has a new home where he can flourish and has demonstrated that he can do so.
  14. Forgot to mention that my team is a punt 3/BLK/TO team, although I am trying to improve my TO and working on removing the punt.
  15. What stats are you trying to improve? I would drop Danny Green for Warren or Oubre to get a more complete player.