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  1. was watching how Brown and Henderson looked and neither was very impressive. Henderson had some nice chunk gains for sure, but he didn't look super shifty or super fast. They plays they called for him were more in space than the ones they called for Brown, so he had a lot more room to operate. If Henderson was leading this backfield, then I would be more excited but the split seems difficult to determine based on this game
  2. Golden tate...the only hope to defeat the evil empire tonight
  3. He's the one with the ball in his hands....hopefully will have the game ball in his hands come monday *fingerscrossed*
  4. will be starting K. Drake out of desperation this week in a non-PPR flex spot...got him in a packaged trade lol
  5. i'm starting ridley and hooper in my PPR...at least one of them has to get consistent points each week right?
  6. it's a pretty fair and even trade...just depends on how much you value Bell over Jacobs, which in a PPR is a slightly wider gap than in standard
  7. might have to pick this guy up with my Josh Allen on bye and someone else scooping up Minshew that had a higher waiver priority...YOLO!
  8. OJ has been bad this year with the limited targets...someone dropped him this week should i pick him up for TJ Hockenson in a PPR? My main TE is Austin Hooper but we have deep benches
  9. he's not gonna have another game like this all season, but i wonder how much his usage will be when Davante comes back but if Jamal is still out...?
  10. MVS is unusable in his absence...need him back in week 6 *praying hands emoji*
  11. just hope that Reek is 100% healthy and they don't rush him back just because of the outcome vs Colts. If he's 100% healthy, then can't wait!! I need this guy in the biggest way...
  12. So we starting Diggs with confidence this week? Lol
  13. i swear the seahawks are the luckiest team besides the pats...