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  1. Just a heads up...this guy cheats. Put up your money at your own risk.
  2. And this guy turned out to be a cheater. His team had illegal rosters all season. He never fixed it and lied several times about it. Steer clear. BTW...if he denies it you can contact me as I have the screen caps of his crooked dealings.

    Also note that this is not sour grapes from a poor owner. I had the #1 team in the league but I refuse to play with a crook.


  3. Ok, if RedsRiot wants one team I'll take the other...but I would also need to change the name 😉 #gloryglory commishbob at Gmail dot com
  4. Paul...a heads up...the Fantrax page sez draft on Tuesday, your notes on the page say Wednesday.
  5. I'm interested. I'm going to limit myself to one team this year after trying to do too much in prior years. I have one other league I'm looking at. You can email me at commishbob at gmail dot com and I'll get back with you on Sunday with my background and experience.
  6. This sounds pretty interesting. It would be new territory but it sounds like fun. I am going to play only one league this year (took over four orphans last year, ugh) and I have a feeler out in another league opening posting here. Can you send me more details, maybe a link? commishbob at gmail dot com