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  1. a few existing teams with some good pieces available on site. Leagues run on Yahoo, site used for communication
  2. Hello all !Today I need to tell you about Fantasy Sports Coalition fantasy network. What we are, is a set of highly competitive fantasy sports leagues run on this site. We centralize communications and other necessary functions on the website (Our website has the rulebooks for the standard dynasty basketball leagues) Website is https://fantasysportscoalition.wordpress.com/, check it out for yourself, even if you don't ultimately join.Why should you join?Leagues are ultra competitive. Have fun but NOT silly scoring that you find in other dynasty leagues. 20 team leagues with 11 keepers provide a big challenge to fantasy managers. Getting a title in these leagues is supremely difficult, and there are no easy matchups. How do you join? My email is meronbosiak@yahoo.com you can reach me there, or comment with your email if you so wish. All the teams are posted on our website so all you need to do is head there and claim one!Thank you and I hope you choose to take the next step in your fantasy conquest.
  3. 1 spot in this new league and 2 in existing leagues
  4. Yes our leagues are free. We run our leagues to be free but we look for active, knowledgeable owners to increase the competitiveness. If that's a deal breaker totally understand.
  5. Sorry for the weird format. This is a 16 team dynasty where 18 players are kept per year. Manager has not traded any picks so is in a great spot going forward. We are looking for someone who is active, committed and new to our network to take the team over. Please post on the link below if you are interested in the team with your email so we can invite you. https://fantasysportscoalition.wordpress.com/2019/09/10/available-hockey-5-squirtle-squad/ League is run on yahoo