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  1. Really close as the others have said. I think I lean toward Nola here just because he pitches in the NL.
  2. Torres or Buehler...probably Buehler so you have a pitcher
  3. I'd stay with Harper. Maybe try and move an older Goldy for younger pitching?
  4. Keep Snell and Sanchez and drop Springer. The rest are good to go
  5. The 3 you picked are probably the right decision. If available, try to draft the next good young ace for insurance next year. Or maybe trade Max in season for a younger ace and another player
  6. Forever keeper league. 10 teams. Already have Arenado and Sale (have to keep a hitter and pitcher). Yelich is almost certain to drop off from last year. The question is, will Bryant bounce back to 2015-2016 form? Reports out of Cubs camp is that he looks like he's back. Who do I keep?
  7. Cubs traded him for Chapman back in 2016 I'm keeping Torres personally
  8. Yeah, I've tried... this guy is smarter than that and has a man crush on Trout....
  9. I can keep 3 of 5 below. Have to keep at least 1 hitter and 1 pitcher Arenado, Yelich, or Bryant --- Sale or Snell I've pretty much decided on Arenado, Yelich, & Sale I've been offered (pre-draft) Trout for Arenado & Sale. Do I do this and then keep Trout, Yelich, Snell or just stay with what I have? H2H league, forever keeper league. After this year we are moving to 5 keepers.
  10. Tough decision. I tend to go with Eloy based on upside. However, upside doesn't always pay the bills
  11. Ya that is crazy talk for someone that isn't called up yet
  12. I'd say you win based on Baez and Nola outweigh Altuve and MadBum. The rest to me are just throw ins