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  1. We have done our homework and taken our time finding a great group of members thus far and we are looking for one more member. We are active, we are competitive, we are committed - we need one more to join us. I'm a committed LM... committed to make a great, lasting league but also committed to not wasting your time when you put time into building your team. 12 team keeper league, H2H most categories. 7 keepers, plus up to 5 minor keepers each year. Slow-draft starting shortly after we fill. Not gonna write a book about the league, if you are interested, leave your email and we'll talk.
  2. It "kind of" does. It walks you through how to have as an "app" on its front page. I think it works, but I get what you are saying. However, it also has allowed us to have some features that ESPN and Yahoo doesn't do. Benefits to both I guess! Thanks for getting back to me. If you change your mind(s), let me know.
  3. Still looking for a few... Would like to keep it on Fantrax but willing to move it to ESPN if we can't fill soon. There are some settings Fantrax offers that ESPN doesn't such as minor league reserve spots, matchup settings (facing more than one team per week), slow-draft. We've got a great group of guys thus far that are committed and passionate about fantasy baseball. I know Fantrax is different, but I think it'd be worth the risk and try... in fact, most of us are Fantrax rookies.