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  1. Thanks for your replies. I forgot to say that I'm in a H2H league. So with all the load management going on, Kawhi would miss at least 13 games due to back to backs alone. This is why I'm even considering the Kemba trade.
  2. I've been burned by love so many times so I'd go with Sabonis on this one.
  3. I’m a Kawhi owner and am not really looking to move him. However, I got offered Kemba for Kawhi straight up. With PG coming back soon and Kawhi possibly on load management the whole year, should I consider doing this trade? What’s a good return for Kawhi? Thanks in advance!
  4. I wish they played him a bit in OT. When does his mins restriction come off? Can’t wait to see him play more...those 3s and assists are a welcome sight.
  5. derrick rose, tyler herro, harrison barnes 8 cat h2h format...who would you keep?
  6. If so, how does Biyombo’s arrival affect Rabb’s ROS? I sure hope they stick with the JJJ/Rabb tandem moving forward.
  7. I picked him up for tomorrow’s game. If he gets traded then I just wasted a move haha! I hope he stays though. He’s been balling the past few games.
  8. So you guys think he's gonna be traded at the deadline?
  9. He eventually played 5 mins in the Pelicans’ loss. Dell Demps must be playing mind games.
  10. I was thinking maybe Cedi Osman, Kelly Oubre? Or should I just wait it out and hope Bryant is unleashed soon?
  11. You guys think Jah's at least earned some regular minutes even if AD comes back?
  12. Thanks, the possible deal would be Mirotic/Millsap for Thomas Bryant/Siakam. I am the Miro/Millsap owner. Would you do this trade?