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  1. The Rams have to feed Gurley if they want to win games. He had some nice runs early.Feed the beast or lose. I'm not selling.
  2. I think many players agree with this strategy. I much prefer the upside of drafting a top 3 overall arm mid 2nd-3rd in 12 teamers then trying to take the top arms in the 1st round. I'll be focusing my attention to guys like Walker B,Clev,and Jack F for example a little later then trying to nab a Cole/JV in the first round. I had a great year this season with this strategy grabbing up JV is he fell and Cole in many leagues but not going after the big fish Sale/Max/Degrom.
  3. Personally I think JV is going to be one of those ageless wonder type guys but I love some Cole so not trying to argue about it to much.
  4. Jack F is for sure in the top 10 over Sale,Castillo,and possibly Bieber. Not sure how hes not T2. Sale is to high he should be T3. Ohtani at 17 i dont think im going to mess with him that high. I see a bunch of T3 guys with huge question marks. The guys i really like T3-Luis S,Giolito,Paddock(how the F is he not T3?) Ryu should also be t3 agree with other posters. I like Glasnow but injuries scare me and no discount there.
  5. Depends on where Cole lands in free agency to me.
  6. I won 3/11 leagues this season. I put out 700 and won back 2250 so pretty good ROI. Could of been a better season as I ended up with byes in 7 of 11 leagues. The biggest prize I won was 800 my one h2h points league. Came down to Gerrit Cole getting the win for me to win that pretty sweet. Actually one of my other title teams had Cole as well what a run by him this season. Anyways first season on these forums and got to say the info from the posters is great. Really helps esp with new pick ups to read everyones takes. Thanks everyone!
  7. My best teams are all anchored by Cole or JV so more then one way to do it =). I wouldnt take a SP in the first round though and next season im liking the 3rd round guys. I seen some people talking Breg over Mookie next season. Dont forget Mookie is up for a contract next season. I think Betts over Breg for ceiling.
  8. Him and JoRam will be a common decision for me in the 2nd round i think. Leaning JoRam today.
  9. Hmmm i dont know JV has that no hitter on the resume and some voters might hook him up as a career achievement award since hes only won it one time.
  10. Yeah ive noticed that as well. My best teams(im a H2H player) all had Cole(3 teams) JV(2). Gotta be something to having those big time aces that the sharps are on. Esp with the ball being juiced its gotta make the dominate pitchers even more valuable. I'm expecting Cole and JV to be 1st rounders next season then you'll have Max and Degrom late 1st-mid 2nd depending on how your leaguemates view pitching. I rather grab the lock bat in the early rounds but I'd grab one of the big 4 if they fell late 2nd. The sweet spot for pitching next season is going to be round 3-4 where u can get Walker.B,Jack F,Clev,Shane B, and Snell types those are all the guys who could be as good as the top tier pitchers. I honestly think Acuna is going to be pick 1 next season due to lack of speed.
  11. Was a pleasure to own him this season. I doubt I'll be back on him next season with a slightly inflated ADP but we shall see.
  12. No way he goes that early in real drafts. He went 6 picks over Marte, 15 picks before Albombso,and 27 picks before Hiura. Just no way maybe late 4th round but pick 31 is absurdly early. I couldnt imagine taking him over any of those 3 i just named. Nola at 33 over Clev,Kershaw,Snell,Sale,Jack F,and Strasburg is never happening either. Personally I'd take Corbin/Castillo,Giolito,Paddack(way to low) and Morton over him but if u want to say he belongs in that grouping whatever but he sure as hell isnt in the former grouping of pitchers. Closers will go higher in real drafts. Also Realmuto wont fall into the 80s. I get were just looking at an early mock here. We were just discussing where Joram will go in his thread and this shows him at 15. Seems about right his upside is league winning. Not touching Judge in the first 3 rounds hes going to be over drafted again.
  13. Thats good he would of just hurt our ratios more