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  1. Guys a bum. He has no control on his fastball this season so hitters are just lighting him up. If u didnt sell high awhile back you're stuck with him at this point.
  2. Just looking at ADP on NFC post injury on the 12th of March-26th his ADP was 62. Hoskins was 40.
  3. He was going later then 53 if you drafted a week before the season in most your leagues like i did many times late 5th or 6th round. If you got in leagues that started a week or two after the season started he was falling even further. I'm sure some people took him 4th round but many also took him later then that depending on if you drafted post injury. Not in one of my 11 leagues did he go before Hoskins.
  4. I expect him to keep getting better and better. Hes just now heating up. He was coming off a injury so it took him time to get going. I'm not expecting the Angels to fall completely out of the wild card race. They didnt have Heaney and Ohtani from the get go either. They've got enough talent to stick around.
  5. Yeah hes only batting 358. I should of drafted Hoskins.
  6. He batted 285 with 22 hrs as a rookie in 104 games. Hes looking good again this season. He doesnt steal enough bases so not sold? WTF
  7. If everybody is hitting more HRs then so should he.
  8. 2-4 with a single and HR. Unleash the beast!
  9. Yeah i know he was so good at first. Seems like a bunch of pitchers have been getting lit up since the weather is warming up. Obv some god tier pitchers have no problems but only so many of them to go around.
  10. Batting 9th now. I'm out on this guy. It was fun while it lasted.
  11. I dont know if its going to be this week but the hot streak will 100% come. In the first 48 games of last season he had a 368BA 16 HRs 11SB 35RBI and 49 runs. Theirs no reason why he cant catch fire and put up like 80% of that production up over 50 games and then everybody is happy. Speaking of which I should fire off some offers. Might have a couple frustrated owners from this thread in my leagues who want to let me buy low.
  12. I'm still trying to buy low on him. Picked up another share last week. I sold two of my shares early in the season but the price is so low right now its worth the risk. Sure he may never get going and be a dud but as Backdoorsliders stated he has league winning upside. You can trade an overperforming guy for him and hope he catches fire.
  13. I wouldnt be dropping him hes actually been heating up he raised his BA from 207 to 235 over his last 10.
  14. Hard to get excited about Nolas 3 run performance vs the powerhouse reds lineup. Pivetta went out and dominated them night before for 9 innings.