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  1. why would you want to settle for the WC spot when if you win Sunday you win the division and avoid it. IF Flaherty don't pitch sunday I hope Wainwright gets blasted and they lose and have to go to Washington for a 1 game elimination game
  2. given how close it is in one of my points LGs between 1st and 2nd right now 5 points separates us.I could use this start so I am rooting for it. Brewers cards tied for the division going into sunday game
  3. Come on Beebs lets not s--- yourself on your last start
  4. So the Cards are really going to NOT PITCH Flaherty Sunday if they have not clinched the Division yet? Put their whole hopes on Adam Wainright? OK
  5. Its 99% luck and 1 % skill with the skill part being making sure your line ups are set every day with healthy players and guys who are in starting line ups . Everything else is totally out of your control.
  6. Fantesy baseball has always been about who is the luckiest. with injuries being the biggest difference between 5th and 6th place teams and 1st and 2nd place teams in most lgs. Getting the right players like Yordan Alvarez or Pete Alonso in rds 15 or 16 of your draft or grabbing them off waivers wire before you opponent does iInstead of picking up bums like Senzel or Eloy also matter a lot to how good a yr you will have
  7. In my 4 lgs I will win 2 both points lgs I finish a respectable 5th out of 12 in another Roto and then finish dead last in another 12 team Roto. I could never recover from the beating Paxton Darvish and Buaer gave me in ratios early on i on my last place team OF course Paxton goes off the week I drop him and wins 10 straight. Just makes me hate on hm more.
  8. I have Morton in 1 LG and Porcello in the other so looks like Morton blinks 1st hope Porcello can finish this strong
  9. Darvish was supposed to win me my lg this week finals week. and make me a happy camper. He can still straighten it up with a bunch of Ks