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  1. Buaers last 3 home games Vs Chi sox balt and oak 5 inn 7 ers 5 innings 7 ers 6 innings 4 ers I guess he is getting better.
  2. Another CY performance from Bauer again today. The Dude needs to stop talking like he is good.
  3. Nothing sucks more then home teams turn 1 to 3 run leads into 4 runs or more leads in the bottom of the 8th inning when you own that teams closer.
  4. Wow Braves BP is so bad they turn a 12-0 7th inning lead into a save opp for jackson.
  5. Vladdy holds his weight till he is about 28 then its Panda time.
  6. ROS memo: Don't pitch your pitchers vs Texas at home . OK Got it!
  7. I hate Trevor Bauer. I don't even want to have him on any of my teams anymore.
  8. Cleveland gets the lead back for Bauer. Thou cause Bauer blows and his pitch count is so high I doubt he gets thru more then the 6 inning and has to leave the game to the bullpen which will never hold it. Only hope for a Bauer win is he can actually hold this lead himself and the Indians score about 9 more runs in the 5th and 6th innings.