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  1. Also LeagueSafe is majority rule, right? I’m looking for a competitive league that’s a sure payout because I’m a very active owner so I think I’ll fit in well in your league
  2. I do see how the -2 per run allowed could make streaming tricky haha. But if I’m feeling lucky and possibly losing, you don’t mind me streaming it up and having multiple starters on a day and going over the soft limit, right? If that’s the case, count me in!
  3. I am interested! I have some questions first tho. So the matchup acquisition limit is unlimited but your season acquisition limit is “none allowed”. What does that mean? Also is the games started limit a hard limit or the ESPN soft limit?
  4. No limits on games started or acquisitions? Isn’t this going to turn into a who can stream better league?
  5. I’m interested! I can’t use the link to join. It’s not letting me. Still got spots open?
  6. What are the payouts? And how many years has this league been around?
  7. Hard limit or soft limit on 12 games started? And no negative points for hits allowed by a pitcher?