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  1. Our draft is tomorrow at 1 pm CDT. We currently have room for 3 more managers. One of those slots may be filled this evening. We feature a larger roster than most leagues (up to 21 active hitters per day), which makes days with 15 games very fun. We have a 2nd league which is a hitters-only league. Its draft is March 17 at 1 pm CDT. We have room for 4 more managers in that league. That roster allows up to 26 active hitters per day!
  2. We now have enough teams to draft, but we'd really like to get at least 1-2 more managers. We're aiming for 6-8 teams which would get us into the Kendrys Morales/Josh Reddick range (given our roster structure). Thanks for considering!
  3. We might be able to move our draft time if that would be helpful.
  4. Forgot to mention, it is a redraft league, not a keeper league.
  5. We're seeking active owners to join our free Yahoo points-only league. Our draft is 1 pm CDT March 16. We've been at it a few years and try to keep the points representative of a player's value to his team. Unlike most leagues, we do not ascribe points to pitcher wins or losses. Hope to see you join!