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  1. Anyone else not getting credit on yahoo for Hicks save from Thursday’s postponed game that resumed Friday?
  2. Appreciate the thoughts all. Should’ve mentioned 12 teamer for what that’s worth and yeah the big bats tend to go fairly high. Machado wouldn’t be some amazing value but I anticipate him going for more than the 44.
  3. Have to turn keepers in by Friday tomorrow at noon eastern so any late opinions would be much appreciated. Fairly starndard auction league 5x5 obp instead of avg, 260 total auction dollars. I’ll list guys I’m considering keeping and what they’d cost me, pick the top five for me. Some are obvious but I’ll list all. 44 Machado 29 Yelich 20 Bellinger 15 Haniger 11 Merrifield 7 Albies 7 Trevor Bauer 7 Patrick Corbin 6 Blake Treinen
  4. I had Odor during his crazy hot streak an that sure was fun, but he was prett bad for a long stretch and your leagues obp so I’d lean Glasnow.
  5. Shouldn’t someone help him? I’ll be here all week.
  6. I really like what I saw from Walker last year so you if you can pull off the Cole deal I’d do that.
  7. Yeah keep Mitch, just a super solid players you’ll find closers throughout the year.
  8. As said above kinda depends on need but I like Mike more overall.
  9. I think I’d lean Gary as well
  10. I’m on the Snell Yeli Baez train as well.