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  1. I have a team that needs a new owner due to the inactivity of a previous owner. I try to keep this league as competitive as possible, therefore he forced my hand and I had to remove him from the league. This is a 12 team ESPN H2H Cat league with 24 keepers. The link to the league is below as well as the link to the team, thanks. Players include Stanton, Rendon, Betts...
  2. Invited both of you, look forward to a fun season.
  3. Free league, looking to transition to money league next season or season after.
  4. Also, send me your emails if you want to join.
  5. I have two teams that need replacement managers in a 12 team keeper league. Need to be active and compete!
  6. Btw if you open up the keepers to 16 for 2019, teams can add their 16 players that way before the draft. If people don’t follow the rules you can, as a commish, always add/drop players from rosters.
  7. If anyone has a dynasty league with over 35 players on your roster looking for owners I’d love to join! It can be a brand new league or a old league needing a replacement owner. MUST have over 35 players per roster and 12 teams or above!