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  1. I have a very tight semifinal matchup in a H2H 9cat league. Looks like I will be winning FT%, Reb, Blocks and Turnovers. Assists, steals and 3pm are definite losses. About FG% and Points its very competitive and I need to win one of those categories to win this matchup. Right now I’m winning both those categories by a little margin. Our playoffs are 2 week per matchup with 68 players allowed and I’ll be playing my final players tonight whereas my opponent will be able to play games tomorrow. But for me to win TO my opponent has to play players tomorrow and I might lose TO for todays games. And about my question; I can play Markkanen and Lopez tonight but I’m thinking maybe I have to cut one or both of them. I’m worried because Utah plays hard defence and these two can make me lose the FG% cat. What do you think and how do you expect them to perform against Utah?
  2. Yes he can. He won steals a few times for me this season.
  3. You can only pass the games started limit once. So if you have 41 by the end of day, you can play another 8 tomorrow and finish with 49. However, if you hit 42 today, you can’t play anyone tomorrow.
  4. ‘Alvin Gentry hinted on Thursday that the Pelicans could shut down both Jrue Holiday (abdominal strain) and E'Twaun Moore (quad) for the final 12 games of the season.’ 😭
  5. Thank you both for the answers. That was exactly what I was asking. Moreover, I don't want to prolong this but about 'How are we supposed to know that?' and 'have you watched basketball for the last 15 years?' I believe nearly everybody in this forum has watched basketball, and if we are only talking about information that is known for sure (which is accessible from all over the internet, twitter etc.) then all the talk in this forum would be for naught. I thought the aim of this forum was to share our own views as well as sharing the information released by clubs and reporters. I was just kindly asking for other users' opinions, which thanks to babyfaceassasin and Russianog I got answers to.
  6. I’m playing in a ESPN league and since the start of playoffs, all teams that didn’t make it to playoffs had their FA Auction Budget reduced to 0$. So, they can’t make any moves.
  7. Am I missing something obvious, or an announcement from Lakers about the minutes Rondo will be getting? Let me try again. My question is not about Rondo’s ability to provide assists. But more about how much minutes he’s getting, or maybe if there is a probability that Lakers cut his minutes or even shut him down etc.
  8. I guess it depends on what you need. As a nance owner myself I’d drop him right away if beverly was available in my league but that would mainly be for the assists. However, I don’t think nance has such a high ceiling ROS, especially with zizic back.
  9. What to expect from Rondo ROS? I’m in desperate need of assists and he’s sitting there in waivers Wonder if the Lakers will give him enough minutes or not.
  10. Thinking that Timberwolves’ season is already over, they have no reason to rush him back. Hope he has nothing serious but I guess they will at least give him some rest.
  11. Finally! He’s coming back. And thinking about the prolonged rest he got, I think he’ll get to his usual stats pretty soon 💪🏼
  12. I’m a Jrue owner myself in a 12team H2H 9cat league and our playoffs already started. Actually after today’s games first round will be over and I could afford to keep Jrue and win my matchup. I’ll wait him one more week to see how his situation unfolds. Even though he seems highly unlikely to return soon, he provides in so many different aspects that he is so hard to replace. So, I think its best to keep him if you can afford to, and wait that ‘re-evaluation in 7-10 days’.