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  1. For the next start? If so Alcantara but to own I go Wilson. The "unknown" SP are awesome this year, gimme this bulldog over Sandy
  2. Why just NL only? This guy has looking like a top 30-40 arm for 2 years now I know his back is an issue but once activated, the Redlegs must think he is 100%
  3. roto redraft I was offered Valdez for my Alex Wood What do you think?
  4. I honestly think Albies will get better each year and be a 20/20 guy for a while, his eye will get better Harper looks like Adam Dunn so there is that. I swear I think Albies $ only goes up each year for 5-7 years and Harper will slide until he shows he is not a donkey Can the Albies owner toss in anything else?
  5. I need a hitter, very bad, I am 9th in RBI and 10th in HR I lead our lead in ERA, WHIP but only 7th in K's Give Sale get JD Martinez Give Sale and Greinke get Yelich
  6. New to this party because last year did not believe it. This year watching highlights, was wondering if he even has a FB? Every highlight is just him relying on a curve ball, or is that just his out pitch?
  7. heck I would deal Kershaw and Soroka just for Bregman!!
  8. roto redraft Give Soroka, Buxton and Clint Frazier Get Kenley Jansen and Woodruff
  9. Bregman may be a first rounder next year, you think? If Sale and Flaherty come around this is a steal for you
  10. Thanks that is what I thought. Hard not to own and start him though in roto leagues where you have 5 OF spots though
  11. This guy is so boring to own, a few hits here and there, rarely scores, HR once every 10 days, what else does he do?
  12. 5x5 redraft league Alex Gordon is my #4 OF right now Drop him for Mercado?
  13. I am a big blue fan, I hate not owning Kershaw The Kershaw owner has interest in in Castillo but I feel with the better numbers, he would have to give me more than just Kershaw, what do you think?
  14. So 5 lefties this week, Tapia is a no doubt bench correct?