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  1. Hey everyone!! I am the commissioner of a fantasy baseball league in Yahoo - Head to Head format with 7x7 categories. It's a unique league in the sense that we have drafted "Power Rankings" of all 30 teams - based on five seperate website's power rankings that can been combined and averaged - and we will randomly assign a manager with a top ten team. This is done on video so everyone can validate the result if they so choose. From there, the manager who received the #10 ranked team will select a second team of any of the remaining twenty. Essentially, you would receive access to all of the players of both of those teams to combine to make your team. This selection process continues until #1 selects their second team, leaving twenty teams that have been taken and ten teams that have not been. Important note about the strategy of selecting you second team - the combined ranking of you two teams (e.g. #5 ranked team selects the #19 ranked team - your combined power ranking score is 24) will dictate who will receive which "supplementary team". This supplementary team is one of the un-selected ten teams that remain after the first two rounds of team selections. You will be able to select two players from this team to also add to your roster. It's a great league - we have 8 returning managers from last year, and one new manager to the league already. Looking to complete the top ten team assignments tonight if possible. Please join the league through this link if interested: https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/26435/invitation?key=91d68416e03ebe1f&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=d17a0a811d93c188 Thanks! Aaron