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  1. like how do you not catch one pass.. amazing 2nd round pick.. single handedly losing this week for me
  2. which one you got? yes its a sad choice but with cam out and Winstons matchup vs rams .. i need a spot start. im leaning towards Kyle allen vs Texans
  3. yeah man gotta stick with those options of johnsons.. those waiver choices are not good
  4. im def mvs and agholor.. i want to see jeffery actually healthy first
  5. i do like MVS big play ability more but starting to think Agholor's volume will be higher tonight or maybe im just overthinking
  6. which is a better play in PPR tonight.. MVS or Nelson Agholor? i really like both in a shootout. any help is appreciated, will help in return
  7. wondering who to start in the Flex MVS tonight against the eagles or Mccoy vs Lions.. worried about shady's ankle plus its a PPR league. any help is appreciated thank you
  8. having 162 points in my PPR league only for my opponent to have 4WR Keenan allen, Cooper Kupp, Tyler Lockett and Amari Cooper to go for over 630yds and 7TDS combined .. he scored 192 points...
  9. Dak, Shady ANNND Dalvin Cook making my sunday feel soooooo darn good haha
  10. SHAAAAADYYYYY!! LETS GO!... did you see him duke that safety?! ohhh man. bye damien
  11. anyway like both or either of these starts tomm? Fried vs Giants at home and Glasnow @ red sox