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  1. is it time to drop this man? right now he is just a black hole sitting on my bench..
  2. best Mid season trade i ever pulled off... 2nd half run of dominance.. stud
  3. Judge is absolutely lost... looks awful 1 hit in his last 26AB.. killing me
  4. Damien Williams.. biggest boom or bust for me. not sure what to do.
  5. this guy is a second rounder borderline first next year... carrying fantasy teams.. throwing video game pitches
  6. we need to start coming up with a nick name for this stud... another dominate performance.. now sports 3.12 era 1.02 whip 194/33 K/B oh baby
  7. where is the love for this man?... 60r 14hr 37rbi .389OBP .505SLG .. 8SB! so much love for Choo.. great waiver pick up of the season
  8. don't look now but... Votto is alive baby!
  9. did it look bad? maybe just felt a little something? this guy was just turning it around too
  10. so... umm he is pretty good huh? jesus what a stud.. i know it was the O's but still..
  11. anymore word on what is going on? i just found about this injury now. anyone know how he did it? Ugh this year is a nightmare
  12. ummm..... so many crickets in this forum.. like lil wayne said. Where the love go? keep dealing Domingo! 52/12 K/bb ratio
  13. Got drunk last night.. hungover and forgot to set my lineup today before the first game of double header yanks/O's and Domingo German sits on my bench tonight.. pitches a GEM .. 7ip 8k 1r ball .. damn u tequila!!
  14. this guy has been an unsung hero so far.. his swing looks totally different.. anyone know what he's doing that has changed from past years? do the metrics add up that he can sustain this all year? these homers and extra base hits are no doubters!
  15. im curious what other owners are doing with him.. because im flat out sick of this guy. i will never draft this bum again
  16. and Puig with another 0-4 day... this guy is awful
  17. so disappointed in this.. did not see it coming. once he hit that bomb off hamels in spring training i said Corey Seager is locked in .300 30hrs 90rbis 100r but not even close. Frustrating. Also annoying to spend a 5th round pick on him
  18. yeah i dont get it either.. i picked him up and noticed tonight is probable sign was gone
  19. anyone know if Domingo is starting this weekend vs Chisox?
  20. looking for outfield depth.. austin meadows was dropped yesterday.. would you drop eric hosmer for him? feel like Hosmer has some big games ahead for him.. but Meadows 20/20 potential is very appealing.. whir thanks
  21. so pumped!! he threw over 100 ininngs last year.. so between 140-150 innings are possible?