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  1. We both have lots of experience in fantasy baseball and we’re just looking for a competitive and active league. Preferably a free entry or anything at or below $20ish would be ideal. Snake draft is also preferable. If not, then if anyone wants to create a league as well lmk cause I have at least 5 ppl that would be great to start a new league. Thanks guys
  2. Message me or email me at jimmydunnell@gmail.com - we’re both experienced fantasy players and are looking for an active league to join
  3. Saturday at 5 as of now. Subject to change though if people cant make it
  4. Send me a message or email me at jimmydunnell@gmail.com for the link. Theres lots of experience between the 5/12 of us already in. If you’d like to join we’d love to have you, the only rule is that you must be consistently active. Theres no enjoyment in people quitting halway through the year so we only accept those that are serious about joining. We have a good group of guys here so join up!
  5. Havent changed the settints from the original so this is what they are as of now, if you have any suggestions for changes i’d love to hear em! Runs Scored: 1 Total Bases: 1 RBI: 1 Walks: 1 Strikeouts: -1 SB: 1 IP: 3 Hits allowed: -1 ER: -2 BB: -1 Strikeouts: 1 W: 5 L: -5 Saves: 5 Lmk if you guys wanna join we’d love to have you two. Currently 6/12 right now so that would help fill us up!
  6. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=29863409 lmk if this works. I havent played with them a lot as I just created the league, but would love ur input if u were thinking of any changes!
  7. http://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/join?leagueId=29863409&inviteId=97d8a941-a6e5-48d1-b823-5704ec2b4f51 theres lots of experience between the 5/12 of us already in. If you’d like to join we’d love to have you the only rule is that you’re consistently active. Thanks guys!
  8. Sent an email, but it said it doesn’t exist. Lmk if u get it.
  9. Comment if you would like to join, i’ll send you the link. Looking for people that are serious to play. ESPN league, lots of experience with 4/12 people already in it, we’d love to have more! Thanks guys!