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  1. Honestly I'm not sure what type of numbers we'll get but his velocity has been there in his rehab games. If he was struggling to throw with the velocity he had pre-injury I would say don't bother. But since he hasn't, I think it could be worth the gamble. So if you feel you have an expendable player or open spot on your roster then I'd take the gamble.
  2. He's hitting .319 with a .897 OPS. If he stays healthy the numbers will come. Be patient and don't drop him.
  3. It's most definitely true. Doesn't matter what your batted ball profile is when you can't make contact. His Z-contact% is 67.7% right now compared to his career average of 85.3%. That is horrible. His K% is sitting at 31.3% compared to his career average of 22.7%. His IFFB% is at 13.2% compared to his career 9.6% mark (this partly explains his low babip, and unfortunately, doesnt mean luck has been driving it). So, it's not even a matter of him chasing the ball outside the zone. He just literally can't hit the ball. He's been horrible. Has the second worst rated WAR according to fangraphs compared to all hitters in the league this season. If you want to chalk it up to it being mental and him just being in a funk, then ok. But his numbers under the hood are extremely concerning and are much different compared to what Carpenters were last season.
  4. No. The comparison isn't a good one. Carpenters underlying metrics still showed hope last season before he went on his tear. Shaw's are just horrific.
  5. He has surprisingly been very solid so far. Wonder how long this will last.
  6. Hitting lead off again. Will be very valuable if he stays in that spot. Has been hitting the ball hard over the past week. If he's on your wire I would get him now.
  7. I'll get blasted for this but, if you can, I'd hang on because I think they're giving him time off to get things straightened out. There's a quote from the hitting coach saying he's not worried (take it for what it's worth). But I find it hard to believe they're just moving on already. I think he's gonna get his shot again sometime in the next two weeks. If he continues to suck at that time, then I'll drop.
  8. They're most likely giving him time off to get his head straight. He'll get his shot again. If he continues to struggle after that, then it'll prob be time to move on.
  9. Welp at least strop got the win. It's always weird when that happens. Go from being frustrated about the blown save to content gaining a W.
  10. Screw pitching. If my starters do well, I'll have a middle reliever like Chad green correct it. That **** is frustrating.
  11. I'm envious that you have an available IL spot on your team lol.
  12. This is obvious at this point but I'd be shocked if he wasn't sent to the bullpen. It just by far makes the most sense.