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  1. Bought low on him and regretting it. The signs were there. His SIERA was over a point above his ERA. Still though would not sell now. He had looked better (still not good but better) before today and Atlanta has a good lineup
  2. Consider the buy low window CLOSED. Just about everything looks better than Opening Day. Power, contact, plate discipline.
  3. Actually think he pitched pretty well. Unlucky to not get the QS and even unluckier to not get the win. More sold on the possibilities after today
  4. Would much rather have Bregman and Nola. JoRam is seriously messed up right now and Strasburg is due for a trip to the DL soon
  5. Judge is the best player but I prefer the Story side by quite a bit. Dejong seems to have gone cold.
  6. Depends somewhat on your record but either way, I lean no because I do not see Carrasco playing ROS. But if you are in playoff position and Minor is no more than your SP5-6, I think a deal is more defensible. Yeah looking at your pitchers, they are deep but I do not think I would try this
  7. I hesitate considering the worse track record of pitching prospects but besides Giolito, I see no surefire pitching keeper so I guess I would do it.
  8. Votto and Anibal Sanchez, especially in a keeper league. You seem to have enough option at both positions (1B and SP) that these players are expendable.
  9. Murphy>>>>Dozier>>>>>>>>Chavis Murphy is the best player in a good lineup in the best park. Dozier, I believe, is on the turnaround and a notorious 2nd half player but still less consistent. Chavis is still worth something in dynasty but should have little value in redraft going forward. He seems to have been figured out somewhat.
  10. You get a great deal imo. Robles is still really valuable in a dynasty not to mention the pitching upgrades. Team B also gets a good deal if they are in win now mode. Team C, however, I cannot see going for this unless they believe in JoRam AND are in win now mode (but even then why would they give Degrom).
  11. I would either hold or maybe drop Lowe (with Wendle returning) for Kingery due to his upside in that park and lineup, along with positional flexibility.
  12. Olson with his power upside, Lowe for his RBI potential and pop at a scarce position, Bote for lack of consistent playing time and RBI opps hitting that low in the order
  13. Yeah, bit worried about Corbin but that is a good price to upgrade your rotation for as long as you have a decent option to cover at 2B.