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  1. TY. He will have garbage time opportunities and has looked solid with Brissett so far. I would still go JuJu for the other because I could see them force-feeding him after last week (and I am not a big MVS fan) but the matchup vs Humphrey is tough.
  2. Would probably go Gordon for the ceiling and Gallman could be game scripted out. Defense is tougher. I would lean 49ers though. Ravens are a better NFL D but 49ers have a safer floor because Baker+Browns O Line are good for some turnovers and sacks
  3. I would go McCoy. Sony has a higher ceiling but really hard to start right now. Give me TY even if hurt. He will have garbage time opportunities today
  4. Latavius probably has the highest yardage floor but like others said the best bet for a TD is Hillard so would probably go with him
  5. With Watson’s struggles, I would play it safe and keep Zeke who I think is more of a sure thing. Kerryon is a nice piece but considering you are also giving Sanders, I would say this is not worth it on your side.
  6. With your RBs, I doubt this is a big move but I would hold. Gallman will likely be dropped when Saquon returns and you can fet him for free. Howard is not the flashiest or most talented guy but he has standalone value at the moment
  7. Would go Shady. Raiders D is surprisingly stout vs run this year and White will be hurt by Pats playing from ahead
  8. I assume you mean Diontae, correct? Thanks for the help
  9. 1. Dak but Brissett is pretty close for this week. No issues with either 2. This is tough. The game script point is a good one as is Mack's nagging injury. But Monty's matchup is not great. I like Mack a bit more but again it's a personal preference. 3. Engram has a much more solid floor and similar ceiling. This is one of the easier calls for me. 4. Would go Thielen. Could see the Vikings throw more in response to the criticism and Giants secondary is rough As for your D, I would say it is a coin flip but I lean Vikings here
  10. I would do number 2. Freeman has not impressed me at all this year and I think Rivers is fine as a QB option. Would rather keep your QB situation and take the sure thing in Ertz rather than Dissly
  11. I think Walker is more talented and better ROS but with no Adams I would lean Graham here and hope he can vulture a TD.
  12. 8 Team 0.5 PPR Dynasty RB-already starting Zeke (pick 2 more) Marlon Mack at Chiefs (would normally be a lock but Questionable with little practice this week-playing on Sunday night no less so harder to replace if out- and a likely bad game script) Miles Sanders vs Jets (numbers have not been bad but just feels like he leaves a lot of points out there every week) Tevin Coleman vs Browns (injury makes him Questionable-on Monday night too-and a tough matchup) Tarik Cohen at Raiders (very productive with Chase Daniel last year and looked better last week than the first three but still not too many touches and Raiders have been surprisingly stout up front) FLEX (pick 3 excluding the 2 RBs above) Mack at Chiefs Sanders vs Jets Coleman vs Browns Cohen at Raiders Michael Gallup vs Packers (Questionable and a late Sunday game off a hard injury so usage and snap count may be questionable but looked really good before injury and Amari will face Jaire-Rest of the GB secondary can be had) Courtland Sutton at Chargers (Matchup not ideal but he is hard to sit with the volume and his performance last week) AJ Brown vs Bills (Matchup is bad but has shown a lot of explosion despite the lack of volume) Diontae Johnson vs Ravens (Matchup is actually a good one with a hobbled JuJu facing Marlon Humphrey and connection with Mason and target share has been pretty good for 2 weeks in a row now) KeeSean Johnson at Bengals (Great matchup with no Kirk so has the number 2 role in a passing offense and good chemistry with Kyler but worried I may be getting too cute here starting him) Thoughts? WHIR 100%
  13. This is tough. Value wise you should take it for sure but in general studs>depth, especially in shallow leagues. Personally I would take it and cut Allen and one of the 49ers Rbs (lean Brieda since neither are more than bye week fill ins for you but really just flip a coin) but I am not a fan of Fournette so I could see it rejecting. Really tough to calculate with a league like this but I would try to take it and then use the bench assets you have to consolidate later in the year for a more consistent piece than Evans
  14. I would do that as well but honestly just accept the first one. It is a heist for you. I would do that before he changes his mind