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  1. Sent your invite. Let me know if you don’t receive it for some reason.
  2. Fun, free league. Lots of different scoring categories. Players of all skills levels welcome. Drafting sunday at 7:30 pacific time. Join us!
  3. We are a new league with lots of scoring catregories. We are higlighting small ball and legit starting pitching, but have tons of scoring stats for hitters and pitchers. Players of skill levels are welcome! Reply for email invite.
  4. Would you be interested in a yahoo head to head points league? Lots of scoring stats for hitters and pitchers, drafting sunday at 7:30pm pacific time. The league is free and we need 1 more person to fill up our 10 team league. Youre welcome to join us if interested.
  5. We are a fun and easy H2H league that needs a couple more members to fill up. Players of all skill levels welcome. Join us if you appreciate lots of scoring stats, small ball, and great starting pitching! Please reply if interested.
  6. We are a free yahoo H2H points league. We are hoping to find a few new players to round out our 12 team league. Players of all skill levels welcome. Search us in the yahoo custom leagues or reply for an email invite. We are called Very Minor League Baseball.
  7. Join my league! H2H with 10 plus scoring categories for pitchers and hitters. We have players of varying experience levels and the league is free. We really just want to have a fun fantasy league of our to play in so we dont have to do random leagues, and we are looking for a couple more players. We are on yahoo and drafting this Sunday night at 7:30 pacific time.