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  1. Wow! It was a joke, little buddy. Who knew virgins were so angry..
  2. Thanks, Dad. I promise I'll do better next time.
  3. He was dropped. I am tempted to use the 3rd waiver claim on the hope that he’s traded to a contender this year. Is he worth it?
  4. Lindor and it’s not close.
  5. Greinke. He has bounced back from a bad start and might get traded to a contender if AZ eats some of his salary.
  6. I would take Ramos in a heartbeat. He hits for average and power. Usually bats cleanup or 5th in a really good lineup.
  7. How does everybody feel about starting him tonight vs. ATL at GABP? I'm leaning towards sitting him in this matchup.
  8. Roberts was the manager last year and he played in all 162 games. None of your baseball nerd metrics can deny that, Chucko. Dodgers just took 3 of 4 in Milwaukee. Bellinger robs Yelich of a HR and the hits the game winner the next inning. As of now he is the MVP front runner. I’m a Yelich owner, not a Bellinger owner. Do you actually watch the games or just look at the box scores?
  9. Bellinger played in all 162 games last year in what was considered a down year for him. Now, as the front runner for MVP and #1 player in fantasy, he is suddenly going to be part of a platoon due to “matchups”? I don’t think so, Chucko.
  10. Take Betts but don't be surprised if it's vetoed.