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  1. I don't know what kind of league you would have to be in to not Start Bryce Harper in either your OF spots or UTIL
  2. Ryan the lefty in to face Votto the lefty, now Cishek in for the save
  3. I'd rather have Murphy. Will be an elite 2B when healthy. Bum i feel like is pretty replacable by some waiver-wire quality pitching unless you're in a super deep league. Not like Bum is going to get you a lot of wins either
  4. Solid outing. Rough 1st inning w/ a lot of pitches, calmed down after - gave up the 2 run homer to Correa in the 6th I believe. But still a QS against the Astros.
  5. I would hold for now - but need to see a couple "non-Marlin" lineups first
  6. looks like it was going to be Castillo 8th and Alvarado 9th as usual but Castillo got into a jam so Alvardo came in to put out the fire. Leaving Pagan for the 9th. . . Rays have been winning games but the closer situation is a little annoying. I would think it's still alvarado. . .
  7. i think you have them ranked appropirately All are upside adds, 2 of them just dependent on play time, Tellez just need to prove himself a bit more
  8. maybe when Alvarez is up. .. i'd say no for now. Don't know what type of league/how many bench spots
  9. Keller first - kinda by himself Then maybe Walker/Diaz
  10. Swarzak gives up a HR to pinch hitting Choo Might be dropping him in my deep 12 teamer
  11. viewed pages 4-6. Anyone know details of the Reds Braves game and if it will be competed tonight?
  12. I would drop Lyles/Matz and Tucker. Joc has been a beast but has played against a ton of Right Handers, so probably slows down, if you're not paying in a daily league he could be a drop in the future, but probably hold for now. Tucker and Lylez/Matz probably the easiest drops now
  13. Take it I love Vlad and have him on my team - but if you can get a 1st rounder for him - that's solid
  14. I agree - hence the preface of "potential"