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  1. Had a rough first inning, the rust of missing a start probably didn't help. Settled in nicely after that with only 1 additional run allowed and was still only at 84 pitches, could have gone deeper. Final line was ugly but could have been much worse. I think this guy is way underrated, especially given he actually pitched better in Coors last year. If he can end the year with a mid-to-high 3's ERA, double digit wins and a WHIP in the 1.2's that is very serviceable for a back of the rotation fantasy starter.
  2. I think you answered your own question 😉
  3. Chavis is not taking over 3B from Devers. Devers is a 22 year old former top prospect, they are giving him every opportunity to grow and succeed. If Chavis is taking anyone's job it's 2B from Pedroia. Pedey looks done.
  4. K rate way down and BB rate up which is good to see at least. Hoping he gets it going during this long homestand.
  5. Looks like rain today, doubt they start him on a wet field
  6. Outside of OBP leagues his appeal is limited even if he was playing every day IMO. Dropped him a few days ago
  7. I watch every Sox game and Devers has looked much more comfortable in the box this year despite the lack of results so far. I'm hoping this is Cora's way to take a little pressure off and get him going before moving him back up.
  8. Parker's not elite but he's not bad either. I think people have been selling him a little short. Over the past two seasons he has a 2.90 ERA, 1.032 WHIP and 10.5 k/9
  9. I don't own Sale but I do watch all of his starts. Last night was a bit concerning with the velocity, yes, but you also need to factor in that he only pitched 9 innings in ST. He's still building up strength, I think his next start will be a bit more telling though.
  10. Yeah he was bad last year, but I love the lineup, the spot in the lineup, the pedigree, the faith of the manager, the raw power, the low price I paid in the draft etc. etc. Look no further than his teammate Bogaerts and his first full season. He was baaaaad and then turned into a productive player quickly.
  11. Sox fan that watches every game. Thornburg has been junk his entire time with the Red Sox and has mostly pitched in mop up situations. It would take a complete turnaround for him to be viewed as the guy. Barnes and Brasier are ahead of him easily. I own Brasier but I think they will try Barnes out first.