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  1. This is one of the better threads to read from beginning to end
  2. So anyone that catches for the Twins can now hit
  3. 2 infield singles and a blooper that falls in because Franmil can’t move not good luck for Straham
  4. No matter how much Darvish frustrates me, I have to watch him every time he just fascinates me
  5. Shaw had a walk earlier was the best AB i saw from him all year, laid off a lot of good pitches maybe he’s going to get going, or maybe I’m desperate for anything positive from him
  6. Had Merrifield in right yesterday for the first time i think that’s the ticket to get him up might be coming soon
  7. Think I’m pulling the plug on Laureano
  8. He has no idea where any of his pitchers are going besides his slider but the slider is so good, it makes him tantalizing what he could be if he could command the fastball
  9. Darvish is such a disaster easily the most frustrating player
  10. Jays are brutal they really have to think about firing the hitting coach